If you've been considering capturing your pregnancy memories with a belly cast; it's time to stop thinking about it and...
If you've been considering capturing your pregnancy memories with a belly cast; it's time to stop thinking about it and start casting. Before you go into labor would be good :) belly cast Eternal Maternal makes it a snap with a belly cast kit that anyone can use. The kits come with:
  • Easy, creamy, long-lasting plaster gauze
  • 1 plastic dropcloth2 oz.
  • Eternal Maternal Belly Lube; a neat bonus of lube made with all natural ingredients that "Easily absorb into your skin when your belly cast is complete, so you won’t need to wash it off or deal with messy product like petroleum jelly."
  • Wall mounting materials, which not all kits come with, including 3 feet picture wire, hook and nail
  • Easy instructions
You, your family, and your baby will love having a special reminder of your pregnancy. If you have older children, I think spending a time doing this kit together is a great way to have them be involved in your pregnancy. You can leave it white or decorate to your heart's delight. Eternal Maternal has other treats in store for you at their website like soothing body balms, bath teas, and a pampering kit for mamas. For more belly cast kit ideas check out the very fashionable side of Pregnancy & Baby. Have you thought about belly casting?  

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