The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put out a new warning that urges parents to never give their baby...
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put out a new warning that urges parents to never give their baby under the age of two cough or cold medicine unless advised by a doctor. On October 18th the FDA is meeting with a panel of experts to discuss whether even more new warnings for cough and cold medications are necessary -- this means that there's usually a bigger issue at hand; such as parents not heeding this advice. The FDA has received hundreds of complaints that cough and cold medications have been responsible for adverse reactions. On top of that there have been children who have died due to these meds. The New York Times reports, "If, despite label warnings, parents continue to use the drugs inappropriately in young children, the agency could take more serious action, like restricting the drugs’ wide availability.Most drugs that have been withdrawn in the past 15 years were taken off the market because doctors and patients failed to heed prominent warnings." Medicines like cough and cold drugs are increasingly popular among parents because drug companies market them to parents; adding pictures of happy babies on the bottle or box. Also, young children are noted as being far more likely to get colds during the year than adults. However, the bottom line is this: If you want a healthy baby that means checking with a doctor before giving your baby ANY medication. That also means giving the correct dose prescribed by a doctor. Drug companies (happy baby pictures and all) are out to sell a product. It does not mean the product is actually safe for your baby. Most doctors won't recommend a medication for a cold anyway. More likely you'll be advised to use rest, cold steam, warm baths, and liquids. If parents keep refusing to listen these meds could be pulled from the shelves completely and more children could be harmed.

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