A study by the Harvard Medical School reports that it is ok to eat fish if you're pregnant and it...
A study by the Harvard Medical School reports that it is ok to eat fish if you're pregnant and it may even make your baby smarter. The study looked at babies born to mamas; both who had diets with and without fish. Mamas with diets higher in low-mercury fish had babies with higher mental development scores. Did you catch that catch; you do need to eat low mercury fish. Fish that is high in mercury can still be potentially dangerous to your baby. What is low mercury fish? 837002_sushi_2.jpgThe National Report Defense Council reports that the following are good low mercury choices:
  1. Anchovies
  2. Butterfish
  3. Catfish
  4. Clam
  5. Crab (Domestic)
  6. Crawfish/Crayfish
  7. Croaker (Atlantic)
  8. Flounder
  9. Haddock (Atlantic)
  10. Hake
  11. Herring
  12. Mackerel (N. Atlantic, Chub)
  13. Mullet
  14. Oyster
  15. Perch (Ocean)
  16. Plaice
  17. Pollock
  18. Salmon (Canned)
  19. Salmon (Fresh)
  20. Sardine
  21. Scallop
  22. Shad (American)
  23. Shrimp
  24. Sole (Pacific)
  25. Squid (Calamari)
  26. Tilapia
  27. Trout (Freshwater)
  28. Whitefish
  29. Whiting
29 yummy fish to enjoy during pregnancy. My friend wanted sushi (like in the picture above) during pregnancy, which you shouldn't eat because raw seafoods are a no no during pregnancy. So she stayed away. I hate sushi; but love coffee and during pregnancy I stayed away from it. Have you given up a food item you love due to pregnancy? 

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Stacy August 26, 2012
Not all sushi is raw fish.. There are a LOT of cooked fish in sushi, and some are just veggies and egg! "SUSHI" is just the name for the roll, sort of like "burrito".. but there are many types of burritos out there! If you're wanting to avoid raw fish in sushi, just avoid those called or labeled "SASHIMI" which is raw fish. California rolls are totally safe, as they use imitation crab (which is made from whiting and/or pollok, a low-mercury safe fish for pregnant/breastfeeding women) and veggies. There are also ones that are just cucumbers with rice called "KAPA MAKI" and sometimes has avacado in it as well. Sushi is good for pregnant women! Just not "SASHIMI" in large or moderate quantities for those of us who aren't as tollerant of sea food as our Japanese neighbors.
Anonymous April 21, 2012
I still eat sushi but crab rolls and California rolls bc they are cooked.. But I gave up ddrinking iced mochas