As previously mentioned, Susan, our rock star mama of the day, is the mother of triplets. Just expecting one baby...
As previously mentioned, Susan, our rock star mama of the day, is the mother of triplets. Just expecting one baby can be stressful. I know that I read everything in site and asked a million questions and I just have the one Cedar boy. Anyhow, curious mama that I am, I was very interested in how one even begins to prepare for two, three, or maybe more babies. Susan offered some answers to this and other questions. Can you imagine what it's like when you and your partner find out you're expecting triplets? Susan relates that it's not always an easy adjustment.
"First, we were told it was twins. A couple of weeks later, we found out it was triplets. Needless to say, we were shocked and scared. Luckily, we found out early, so we had a lot of time to research high-order multiples before the babies were born. I think having that knowledge really prepared us for the unique world of parenting triplets."
Being a birth experience junkie I asked Susan about her personal experience. After hearing her answer I know for certain that she's a mama who rocks because the ability to handle a situation like this one is amazing.
"I was put on bed rest at 20 weeks. At 27 weeks I went into premature labor and spent four days in the hospital. Luckily, the doctors stopped the contractions, and I went home on medication, a uterine monitor and the strictest bedrest rules possible (only allowed up to use the bathroom and shower once a week while sitting down - we had to put a plastic lawnchair in the shower). At 32 weeks, 5 days, my water broke and the babies were born in less than 3 hours. The pregnancy was tolerable until I went into premature labor. The last 5 weeks were incredibly uncomfortable, lonely and stressful."
Again, unless you've been there it's hard to imagine. I would be one upset lady on stringent bedrest; I hate sitting still. It takes a strong person to cope with a pregnancy that runs into complications. I'd like to look at two points Susan brings up. One, Susan and her husband prepared early by gathering the information and resources they knew they'd need to care for triplets. Susan points out that this really helped and it does. If your a mama expecting multiples (or even one) it's great to be prepared. Read books, visit websites, talk to other mamas who have been there. Ask your care provider questions. The time to plan and prepare is before your little one (or ones) arrive; not after. You'll feel more confident and able to handle what a baby can dish out if you arm yourself with baby knowledge tools early on. Secondly, Susan notes that her pregnancy did become stressful, uncomfortable, and lonely. Hearing her story it's not surprising that she'd feel this way. Bedrest is hard. Premature labor is very hard. And the stress you feel about your baby or babies health is the hardest of all. This I can relate to because my end of pregnancy ran into some complications that carried over to Cedar's birth. The whole time I was worried sick about him. There's not much that can easily calm you down in a situation like this but you can try a few things. If you're stressed, angry, sad, or experiencing any other feelings related to pregnancy complications it can help to talk to another mama who has been there. If you have supportive partner discuss your feeling with him or her often. Talking may seem simple but sometimes it can really help. You can also contact Better BedRest a group offering advocacy and advice for mamas on bedrest. No working internet? Call them at their 24 hour helpline (410-740-7662). Here are a few more resources: Pregnancy bedrest 101: How to stay sane Bedrest Exercise One mama's bedrest journal When you feel stressed about your pregnancy what do you try? Does it work? To gain more insight into Susan's world visit her at Brandcurve, Marketing Blurb, or Disney Families & More.

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