I talk about wearing babies here often because babies that are held more are happier, calmer, and cry less which...
I talk about wearing babies here often because babies that are held more are happier, calmer, and cry less which of course equals happy and more relaxed mamas. Ah, happy people all around. How to choose a carrier is somewhat a personal preference and also varies by the age of your baby. Comfortable baby carriers are great because you'll actually wear them and then the sky's the limit. You can make a salad (don't make hot foods with your baby riht there), fold the baby clothes, and be close to your baby all at the same time. Even go on a nice walk and shed a little extra weight while carrying him. There are basically three kinds of carriers -- but among types they vary widely. There's the front carrier like the Baby Bjorn that I had, the sling carrier, and the backpack carrier. I like front packs because I could see Cedar. Front packs are limited in that you can't use them forever but I think for young babies they're great and keep your arms completely free. The only downside was naps. Cedar would fall asleep and no matter how careful I tried to be I could never just "slip him out" of the carrier like you hear other mamas say they can. Still a great choice overall. mailgooglecom.jpgSlings like the Hug of Joy are nice because you can breastfeed easily while wearing your baby. I don't love that slings feel a little less secure than front packs but some are made well enough for even really active babies. It's a real personal preference I've found among mamas. See if you can borrow a front pack and a sling or some out at a store to get a feel for how you like them. I even know a few mamas who end up using both. Baby backpacks are cool but usually feel bulky to me. Although some are really lightweight. I don't know what my coordination deal is but I have trouble with backpacks. I think I may be in the minority though because tons of parents I know LOVE them. Also consider that your baby may not want to sit in a backpack. Cedar always loved to walk once he learned how. Backpacks are not appropriate for younger babies. Don't forget to enter Pregnancy & Baby's great new contest!

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