Now people without babies sometimes say, "All poop is gross poop" but parents know better. There is normal poop and...
Now people without babies sometimes say, "All poop is gross poop" but parents know better. There is normal poop and then there is GROSS poop. What kind of poop is too gross? Well, that depends but diarrhea ranks pretty high on my grossness meter -- also it can mean danger to a little baby. Here are some poop issues to watch out for. If your baby's poop is so runny that is runs right out of that diaper it's diarrhea. Ick. Sometimes diarrhea is not runny but so wet that the diaper actually absorbs it -- also not a good sign. If your baby is under two months call his pediatrician right away. If your baby is older than two months you need to call the doctors if you see blood in the poop or your baby has diarrhea for more than six to eight hours.
The scary issue of diarrhea is dehydration. Babies can get dehydrated much quicker than an adult can and their tiny bodies can't handle it. Make sure that if your baby has diarrhea you still see wet diapers. If you see a lot less or can't tell call your doctor. Other signs of dehydration along with diarrhea can be a suken soft spot on your baby's head, pale skin, lack of overall energy, sleeping a lot, or more irritability than usual. If you see these signs call your baby's doctor or go into the office. Your doctor will likely recommend that you keep breastfeeding and sometimes recommend an electrolyte drink. Don't give your baby drinks like Gatorade, it's not the same! Always talk to your doctor before giving anything other than breastmilk, formula, or water to a baby. If your baby drinks only formula sometimes doctors will say to hold off on cow-milk based formulas during bouts of diarrhea. If you ever just aren't sure how bad your baby's diarrhea is call the doc. They won't mind and dehydration is not something to mess around with. What poop issue is the most gross to you?

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