No one wants to be the mama of the playgroup toy thief but babies who are too young don't honestly...
No one wants to be the mama of the playgroup toy thief but babies who are too young don't honestly understand sharing or turns so you're going to need to lower your expectations. However, that doesn't mean you can't at least start setting some basic guidelines. my_teddy_bear_.jpgAt around five to eight months of age your little will start to become more social with his peers. At this age he's too young to understand sharing though -- babies start to sort of get the concept by age two but more in a "I WANT that" way. By age three your toddler will know the concept of share but may hate doing it. The catch of the common playgroup is that at most groups there are littles of varying ages. If there are three year olds in the group and they are learning what "share" really means they may find it unreasonable when your little one grabs something from them. What to do for babies under three years: A better plan with this age group is what not to do. Your little may not be into sharing but he is most absolutely interested in copying you. If your baby snatches someone's toy and you grab it back from them guess what they're likely to do -- that's right grab toys. What you want to do is encourage him to hand it back on his own. You can say something like, "That's Sam's toy and he'd like it back" or, "Sam is sad because you took that toy from him." Let your baby keep the snatched toy and you offer "Sam" another fun toy. Now what your baby sees is you sharing with the other baby which is exactly what you want him to be able to accomplish down the road. If your baby is a continual snatcher; as in he wants only what another baby has and takes it just stay calm -- this stage will not last forever. You can move some of the toys awa from your baby and over to another baby but still don't just grab stuff from his hands. Most of the time continual snatching seems to be short lived. It goes without saying that even though your baby is too young to share you need to stress sharing and manners as an every day event. If your baby hands you something say, "Thank you." Ask him before you take something from him, "Can I please have that nice book." And use praise when he does offer another little something of his -- it may not happen often so grab these chances when they come up. Is your baby is a snatcher? How are you handling this stage.  

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