How do you know when it's the right time for your newborn to say a big hello to the outside...
How do you know when it's the right time for your newborn to say a big hello to the outside world? peaceful_rest.jpgExperts are torn so that's one problem. Some say that no newborns should be out and about for the first four to six weeks. However, other research says that going out won't hurt and that it's very good for a new mama to get out of the house. My take is that I took my son out when he was a week old and he was born in February. I felt fine and wanted to get out because I had to rest the last few weeks of my pregnancy. So, I bundled him up and went to coffee (Yeah coffee!) with my best girlfriend. It did me good and anything that does a mama good is good for her babe in my opinion. He was fine. One issue though is that Cedar was deemed perfectly healthy by his pediatrician. If your baby's health is compromised or if he's a preemie it is better to wait a few weeks at least before taking him out. For babies the cold weather won't harm them but other people's germs can. I only let my best friend and I hold Cedar when we'd go out on the town and it's smart to make your babe off limits too when he's so young. If you have concerns about taking your baby out or are not sure if he's healthy enough to do so talk with his doctor. Also, you need to be in tip top shape before trying an outing with your baby. Make sure both of you are up to it.

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