One of the most exciting things about being pregnant is the planning. Planning names, planning tiny outfits, and planning a...
One of the most exciting things about being pregnant is the planning. Planning names, planning tiny outfits, and planning a great colored nursery. Here are some tips for nursery color success: babys-room.JPGFirst stop: The library. You won't read nursery decorating books over and over so head to the nearest library and take a look through decorating books about children's spaces and parenting magazines. Another great place to search can be the internet although books usually give a larger view. One excellent book on baby rooms is Baby's Room by Jessica Strand and Jennifer Levy. Themes and color: While themes can be cute it's best not to go with a theme simply because it's popular. Your child may end up not liking Micky Mouse on her walls. Plus themes often mess with color choices. Try to choose a theme that supports other, classic pieces in the room instead of going top-to-bottom theme crazy. Later on you'll be able to re-decorate or add new pieces without having to complete a total room make-over. Use imaginative colors: The basics we grew up with; pink, blue, yellows, as stand alone colors are so dull. When you think of how creative you can get with color there's no reason to stick with a basic color pallet. You can go with bold purple if that's your favorite color or try a mix of organic shades in browns, creams, and greens. Try to choose colors that you'll be able to adjust easily. Such as a color that doesn't completely mesh with other colors -- you never know when you might want to add a new and colorful item to the room. Consider colorless: If you have an extremely pail baby room such as all white or light cream or yellow you're more free to add very colorful accents and furniture. While a bright red crib may look snazzy; in a room with colored walls it might look like too much. Light colored paints can also be accented (at night) by colored light bulbs in the baby's lamp. Don't choose maybe colors: If you go with a color you're unsure of you may be in trouble. You'll be looking at this color for a long time so only go with a color you adore. Something you'll love to look at and colors that help you feel positive. Don't let anyone just talk you into something. To see some color ideas look at the following rooms: Lavender Pink and tan Minty Bright green stripes Ocean colored Orange! (it looks great, I promise) Chocolate Creamy 

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