When you're pregnant, you can't take many medications, not even cold medications. Since pregnant mamas have been known to snag...
When you're pregnant, you can't take many medications, not even cold medications. Since pregnant mamas have been known to snag a cold from time to time, how can you relieve symptoms without medication? If you get sick during your pregnancy there are some drug-free ways to get relief.
  • Soak in a hot tub - the steam can clear up congestion. You can add a drop of tea tree, lavender, peppermint, or menthol essential oils as well. If you have bronchial congestion, then try clove, or cinnamon oils. Alternatively, inhales steam from a pot of boiling water (you can still add the oils). Or as another alternative saunas, especially saunas where you can steam oils works well.
  • Hot tea and especially hot chocolate work well for cold symptomatic sore throats. For tougher sore throats, cold works better. Milkshakes for instance. Woo hoo, an excuse to eat ice cream.
  • Keep warm. If you have any sort of fever, you may feel hot, but staying warm is still better for your overall health - use a cold ice pack for your actual head.
  • Brush your teeth after each meal and see a dentist before you become pregnant or during if you need a cleaning. Clean and healthy teeth is one way to fight off illnesses - you'd be surprised how many germs can be caught through unhealthy gums and teeth.
  • Keeping your home clean and well-humidified (grab a basic humidifier) can cut down on dry red chapped noses and throats.
If you really feel like you need an over-the-counter medication, check with your care provider first. Even if you want to try a natural remedy.

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The original Friday night fireworks show is going to go back for Friday night time, coordinators own proclaimed.

Everyone else much-loved ended up being past put on 2 years ago, although thanks to a new treatment involving support income via Sears Gas and oil the particular heavens on top of the conceal is going to all over again glow as the festivity concludes its following day that has a amazing Thursday night end.

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