I was thinking that this week, I'd do a round-up of all the previous random baby names we've had here...
I was thinking that this week, I'd do a round-up of all the previous random baby names we've had here on Tuesdays. In case you've forgotten, or you're new here, random baby name day means I simply open a baby name book and point. I NEVER cheat. It's actually resulted in me learning some new names too, which is cool. Following are all the random names we've learned - if you're expecting, maybe one is perfect for your little one. To make it easy, I'll put all the random girl names first, then the boy name. I.e. Girl & Boy. If you'd like to see my opinion on the names, click the link. baby girl namesEugenia & Ormond Cassandra & Talbot Gayora & Swain Prunella & Leofric Eleanor & Galahad Terranda & Jupiter Jessie & Ebenezer Jean & Leonard Stella & Samuel Tivona & Tyrone Georgia & Bonamy Pazia & Jordon Temima & Rhys Tertia & Clive Jade & Dacey Marion & Harlequin Altair & Celerino baby boy namesFrayda & Edward Albina & Rivers Cassia & Hector Leoma & Serge Julia & Lamont Lavender & Murphy Doris & Earnest Noel & Benedict Callula & Dov Harmony & Herman Dido & Manley Lorice & Edwin Cassandra & Mabry Jasmin & Winston Camellia & Boleslav Shirley & Hedley WOW. 33 weeks of random baby names. I had no idea that we've had this many. Cool. The only double we ever got was Cassandra. I'm surprised we even got one double though. Now of all the random names so far, which are your favorites? I like Cassandra, Cassia, and Lavender for girls and you know, I don't think I like any of the boys names enough - in that, I wouldn't name a baby any of them. Hmmm. How about you?

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