If you're pregnant or have a baby or small child, and you have no health care insurance, the stress can...
If you're pregnant or have a baby or small child, and you have no health care insurance, the stress can be overwhelming. How will you pay for your baby's birth and get proper prenatal care. What would happen if you get sick, or your baby gets sick? It's a lot to worry about. First things first, do not go without prenatal care; your health and your baby's health depends upon on proper prenatal care. Secondly, don't assume you and your child are ineligible for health care, because there might be a program that can help you out. If you don't have health care check out the following resources:  Foundation for Health Coverage Education: At this website you can connect with the Health Coverage Eligibility Quiz, State by State Applications, and more. It's a one stop low-cost to free health care mecca, with plenty of tips and learning resources. Good for pregnant mamas and children. Pregnancy Insurance: This site helps connect pregnant women to health care insurance. Here you can get the help you need to receive prenatal care. The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC Program): This is not health care exactly, but this program can offer referrals to health care services, and provides food coupons, nutrition education, and breastfeeding support. Good for pregnant women, new mamas, babies, and children.

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