When your baby is around 11 months, you have more to look forward to than the one year birthday bash....
When your baby is around 11 months, you have more to look forward to than the one year birthday bash. Your little one will also be hitting some major baby milestones.


  • She will look at someone when they say her name.
  • She will seek you out when she's sad, sick, or tired for comfort.
  • She can crawl or scoot around (some babies stick to butt scooting - which is fine).
  • She will be able to slowly walk along while holding onto an object; say a coffee table. She may even be able to walk without the table.
  • She can play the in and out game.
  • She will show a wide range of emotions - happy, sad, angry, frustrated, fear, and more.
  • She will take turns with simple tasks, such as taking a bite of food, or switching off making animal sounds with you.
  • She will be able to go from a laying down position to a sitting up position on her own.
  • She can wave bye bye.
  • She will have some sort of vocalizing going on; likely a baby chatter that you can't understand, but she'll still talk to you, her toys, and other people.
*NOTE: Remember to always take baby milestones with a grain of salt. Babies do develop at various rates. As long as your baby is hitting the milestones around this time (give or take a couple of months) there's nothing to worry about. Also, you can always discuss milestone concerns with your baby's peditrician. Do you have a 12 month old? What is your baby up to?

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12 month baby milestones
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