Happy New Year's Day mamas! I hope you had a safe and happy New Year's Eve, and that you're ready...


Happy New Year's Day mamas! I hope you had a safe and happy New Year's Eve, and that you're ready for the upcoming year. If you're expecting a baby, this will be the best year ever. To make sure you stay healthy, strong, and happy for the arrival of your little bundle, I thought we'd kick the year off with some great ABC-need-to-know pregnancy terms. The ABC's of a healthy & happy pregnancy: Are you pregnant?: Know the signs of pregnancy so you can get early and important prenatal care. Breastfeeding: Early breastfeeding planning, as in during your pregnancy, makes you far more likely to experience great breastfeeding success. Clumsy lately?: Many pregnant women are, due to that new large belly. Stay safe during your pregnancy by avoiding falls and slips. Doula: Repeat after me, "A birth doula will make labor easier!" It's a fact; if you want the best labor and birth support then hiring a birth doula is something you should be thinking about right now. Eco-pregnancy: Toxins can invade your body and affect your baby, even before he's born. Have a green pregnancy by avoiding toxins and planning an eco-baby nursery. Folic acid: All mamas need this important vitamin for a healthy baby. Are you getting enough? Gulp: That's the sound you should be making all day long during your pregnancy. Drink, drink, and then drink some more. Staying hydrated is ultra important. Hospital bag: Only take what you need. Ice cream: I had to include something fun! If you're not currently pregnant, but dreams of a wee babe are filling your head, then ice cream is a wonderful fertility treat to lick. Learn more about this and other fertility foods. Job issues: Balancing work while pregnant can be difficult; read these helpful employment and pregnancy tips. Kick him to the curb: If your partner is being violent during your pregnancy, don't stand for it. Violence during pregnancy is a very real, very serious issue. Right now it's important to protect not only yourself, but your baby as well. Labor: Have a rockin' labor with these easy tips! Mama rights: You have many important mama rights during your labor and birth process - make sure you know what they are. Names: Find the perfect baby name stat! Oral health: Oral health can affect your pregnancy in more ways than one. Pain in labor: You can deal with labor pain if you have all the facts and know what your options are ahead of time. Q - ok folks? Does any pregnancy term start with Q? I'm not so sure, and I'm not interested in wasting time searching so instead I'm going to offer a random, but useful read; Seven point checklist for your first trimester. Real labor: Do you know what real labor might look like? Find out. Safety: Infant and child CPR and first aid is hands down the the most important pre-baby class you can take. Taking a good infant safety course allows you to feel confident and gives you the tools you need to prevent baby accidents, and to even save your baby's life in an emergency. Thrift: Save money and still score all the baby gear you need. Ultimate nutrition: Eat perfectly during pregnancy with this three-point plan... Veggies: Sneak more veggies into your pregnancy diet. Writing: All expecting mamas should do a little writing. Two important things to write down while you're pregnant include your birth plan and your dreams and thoughts in a pregnancy journal. XOXO: Yeah, I was hard up for an X term; BUT it is important to sneak in some extra kisses and quality time with your partner before your baby arrives. Yoga: The perfect low-fuss, relaxing exercise for mamas-to-be. Zoom to the library: Snag the best pregnancy and baby books. Yes I did cheat a little with "zoom" - seriously though, how many pregnancy issues start with Z??? Have a wonderful and healthy new year!

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