We recently got a comment here at P&B from an 18 year old girl who is worried that she might...
We recently got a comment here at P&B from an 18 year old girl who is worried that she might be pregnant. It's a valid worry. Pregnant teens can have a hard time, BUT if you're a pregnant teen, or a teen who thinks she might be pregnant you do have options, and you should also know that your age does not mean that you'll be a bad mama.


  • Nearly 1 million teenage girls in the United States give birth every year - so you're not alone.
  • You may be terrified, overjoyed, confused, or angry - but know that all of these feelings are normal. Even women who aren't teenagers have emotions and feelings like this when they're pregnant.
  • Age does not mean you can't be an excellent mama. If you're a teen who is pregnant, and you want to keep your baby, you CAN be a great mama. I've known plenty of older mamas who can't cut it, and younger mamas who can. What matters more than age is your attitude, your support system, and your ability to make positive choices for you and your baby.
What to do if you think you might be pregnant: You need to know for sure if you're pregnant, because early prenatal (or health care) for you and your baby is VERY important. Without proper prenatal care your baby may be born too early or sick, and you may get sick as well. You can take a home pregnancy test or visit your own doctor or visit a Planned Parenthood clinic. I suggest visiting a clinic not taking a home pregnancy test. If you are pregnant it can be overwhelming and if you're at a supportive clinic you'll get help and learn your options. Additionally if you go to a clinic and you're not pregnant, you can get birth control. If you are pregnant and want to keep your baby... You'll need to do the following: THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP FOR PREGNANT TEENS! You have rights! Just like every mama on the planet, you have rights. You can keep or not keep your baby. You deserve the best prenatal care without judgment. You do not have to marry the father unless that's what you both want. Pregnant teens and young mothers in their early 20s get a bad rap, and you probably will hear mean comments from nurses, doctors, your family, and more. Trust me, I was young when I had my son, not a teen, but I looked like one, and I got mean comments all the time about how young I was. I've worked with pregnant teens who got mean comments. People may tell you that you can't breastfeed, or raise a baby properly, or have a natural birth, or make the right choices for you and your baby because you're too young. This is absolutely NOT TRUE. Ignore those people and focus on being the best mama you can. If your doctor or nurse is being rude, do not stand for it. Switch doctors. Better yet see if you can find a midwife and a doula. For more support visit: [image via the 90s positive teen pregnancy Planned Parenthood campaign]

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Smitha608 August 13, 2014
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Johnd808 August 13, 2014
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Ariel Kell March 06, 2013
I am 16 and I am pregnant many people judge me, but I know I will be a good mother. I am with the baby's father, but not sure how long this is going to last I will turn 17 before the baby is born and the father will be 18 before the baby is born. I have lots of help and the baby will have a good life because people love it. I know a baby is not a toy so I will take care of it like I take care of myself.
Chelle V March 17, 2012
I was sixteen when I had my first child. It is not easy nor is it cute to be so young having a baby, I was on my own but for those that have parents makes you wounder what they were doin, I have a daughter an trust an believe when I tell you over my dead body will she have a baby before she makes something of her self.
Jaceline March 14, 2012
second semester of college*
Jaceline March 14, 2012
Grateful for articles such as this. I was not THAT young when I got pregnant, but people still judged me harshly all the same. I graduated high school with straight A's. My son is now currently a year old, doing FANTASTIC I shall say, developing faster than the average child, smart as ever, precious beyond belief, and is being taken care of better than a lot of children out there born to mothers of ANY age. I'm in my semester of college, so I've already beat THREE statistics, and I'm working, have my own house, and though I am not with the child's father, we're really close friends and he helps out as much as he possibly can. I cannot stand the stereotypes and rude assumptions about teenage mothers; like the article states, the only thing that matters when being a mother is your attitude and the welfare of your child, NOT your age.
sulma March 13, 2012
this page on teen pregnancy is such a good page i love it! I wish i had seen it when i was 16 and pregnant. I was only 16 when i had my son he is going to be 4 in may and i am 20 years old. I believe that what you have said is nothing but the truth on this page. I was told i was going lose my son because of my age and that i was going to be a bad mother. but i graduated from high school with all A and I'm currently in collage and working. my son is growing up like other children. Today many people who though i was going to be a bad mother now look up to me.
Emilee March 12, 2012
I am 15 years old, and I am pregnant, everybody judges me, and it really hurts...