Thanksgiving is coming right up, and while there aren't many baby names that actually coincide literally with this holiday, there...
Thanksgiving is coming right up, and while there aren't many baby names that actually coincide literally with this holiday, there are many baby names that will work well if you're having a little turkey baby. baby names for autumn I do suggest not going all kooky with this holiday. I'm actually a Thanksgiving baby and trust me, I don't think that being named something like Pumpkin or Cranberry sounds like much fun. Great Thanksgiving baby names...
  • Baby names that mean "Thankful" or "To give thanks" - Shakira, Hamid, Jendayi, Ahmed, and Othenio.
  • Baby names that mean "Peace" or "Peaceful" something your Thanksgiving hopefully is - Jeff, Salomon, Eireen, Irene, Amani, Federico, Corey, and Paz.
  • Baby names that mean "Harvest" or "Bounty" - Ekin, Toshi, Autumn, Demetrius, Cedric, and Annalisa.
  • Baby names that mean "Blessing" or "Blessed" - Grace, Barack, Asher, Israel, Bronwyn, Ardith, Gwen, Charisma, Beatrice, Trixie, and Benedict.
You can also check out some cool Autumn baby names; they'll work great. A massive round up of Thanksgiving baby names right here at SheKnows baby names.


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