If you're pregnant right now then some healthy New Year's goals for an fantastic pregnancy are in order. Plan...
If you're pregnant right now then some healthy New Year's goals for an fantastic pregnancy are in order.


  1. Plan for a natural labor and birth for a healthy start for both you and your baby.
  2. If you're a smoker - stop right this second. If you're pregnant it's easier to quit smoking; you'll be healthier, and your baby will be born healthier too.
  3. Take your folic acid.
  4. Plan for healthy pregnancy exercise - if you're overweight it's harmful for your own health and the health of your baby.
  5. Plan a healthy diet for a maximum healthy pregnancy.
  6. Pregnancy depression and postpartum depression are a big deal but luckily you can work on a goal to prevent both right now.
  7. Attend a childbirth education class which will improve your pregnancy which in turn means a healthier baby.
  8. Wear your seat belt. Pregnant mamas are less likely than other women to wear their seat belt. This is an ultimate unhealthy habit that can seriously hurt or kill you and/or your baby. Always wear your seat belt in the car while pregnant.
  9. Practice safe sex.
  10. Pregnancy can be a stressful time, but unnecessary anxiety can affect you and your baby negatively. Take the time to relax, rejoice and enjoy this pregnancy.
Coming up soon, healthy New Year's goals for new mamas and new babies! What healthy goals do you have for your pregnancy?

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