We recently looked at how much caffeine is considered safe during pregnancy. While studies vary, most experts agree that during...
We recently looked at how much caffeine is considered safe during pregnancy. While studies vary, most experts agree that during pregnancy, 200 mg of caffeine per day is probably safe. So, you're good to go right? You can have 200 mg a day of caffeine! Wait... how much is 200 mg exactly? Since you'll need to carefully moderate your caffeine intake, below are some issues to be aware of: coffee during pregnancy, coffee habit during pregnancy, exercise and coffee, have caffeine during pregnancy, caffeine during pregnancy, serious coffee drinker Coffee is not the only thing you need to worry about. Many other drinks and food items contain caffeine. For example, cola, some root-beer, some teas, various medications, chocolate and yup, even yummy coffee bean ice cream crunch bars. Luckily, ice cream is on the low end of the caffeine scale! Still, it's smart to be aware. Some decaffeinated drinks, like decaf coffee, may still have caffeine in them. Not as much, but still some. There are other arguments against decaffeinated products during pregnancy as well. For example, some research shows that decaf products have more harmful chemicals because of the processing these products go through to become decaffeinated. Lastly, some studies show that decaf coffee is more acidic than regular coffee. My point. If you're that into coffee, why not just have one small real cup each day vs. many cups of decaf that may be less healthy and for sure less satisfying. Below are some general caffeine amounts found in various food and beverage items, provided by The U.S. Department of Agriculture. Use the figures below, plus caffeine amount you find on nutrition labels on foods and drinks to calculate your daily intake. Remember, 200 mg per day or less is considered the safest amount.
  • Brewed, drip coffee (8 oz.) = 137 mg caffeine
  • Instant coffee (8 oz.) = 76 mg caffeine
  • Brewed tea (8 oz.) = 48 mg caffeine
  • Instant tea (8 oz.) = 26-36 mg caffeine
  • Caffeinated soft drinks (12 oz.) = 37 mg caffeine
  • Hot cocoa (12 oz.) = 8-12 mg caffeine
  • Chocolate milk (8 oz.) = 5-8 mg caffeine
  • Dark chocolate (1.45 oz bar) = 30 mg caffeine
  • Milk chocolate (1.55 oz bar) = 11 mg caffeine
  • Semi-sweet chocolate chips (1/4 cup) = 26-28 mg caffeine
  • Coffee ice cream/frozen yogurt (1/2 cup) = 2 mg caffeine
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