Did you know that the World Health Organization and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) say that it's...
Did you know that the World Health Organization and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) say that it's perfectly fine to prescribe birth control pills without a pelvic exam? Probably you had no idea... and why? Because most practitioners require women to get a pelvic exam before they'll prescribe birth control pills. A new survey, published in Obstetrics & Gynecology notes that 1/3 of doctors and nurses always require that women have a pelvic exam before getting a prescription for birth control pills. A full 44% of doctors and nurses said that they "usually" require a pelvic exam. While no one is debating that pelvic exams are important, they are an unnecessary hurdle for women seeking basic birth control. Think about it. In order to get birth control pills you have to wait to get an appointment, deal with the length of the appointment and wait long time periods before you can get your hands on a basic pack of birth control pills. If you're a new mama especially, trying to care for a baby AND make time for birth control appointments is no fun. It's also a great way to end up pregnant again before you're ready. According to current research there's no good reason to get a pelvic exam SIMPLY to get birth control pills. Many may do the exam for reimbursement - most insurance and Medicare pay $ for pelvic exams, while a general appointment for contraceptive counseling may not pay doctors anything. If your practitioner says you need one, you may be able to pick up pills elsewhere, quicker and cheaper. For example, the survey noted that private practice doctors were far more likely than community clinic and family planning clinics to require a pelvic exam. How often do you need an exam? The National Cancer Institute says you need a pelvic exam at least once every 3 years, beginning about 3 years after you begin to have sexual intercourse, but no later than age 21. Women's Health says that after you hit 30 years old AND if you've had 3 normal Pap tests for 3 years in a row, you should talk to your doctor about spacing out Pap tests to every 3 years. Pelvic exams are important and can protect your reproductive health. If you can't afford an exam, check out these low-cost and free resources. *Source

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ericbts October 25, 2014
ked in the event the Legal Office is actually viewing the 2010 run-off, The legal Division speaker Dena Iverson proclaimed within the e-mail: "The department knows problems regarding voter the bullying and is also keeping track of the circumstance.Inches Voters who actually practical experience troubles are motivated to document these individuals, the woman claimed.

Mississippi voters usually do not create an account by way of bash, while regulation states the sole people today prohibited coming from voting inside Republican run-off Wednesday are the type of which selected during the Democratic major May Three or more.

Very little chance of dilemma since the their tea social gathering groups mention another Mississippi legislation which says the voter can easily engage in an event key providing he offers help support that person's nominee inside standard political election. A new fed is attractive judge ruled inside '08 the regulation is actually unenforceable. The particular lording it ove<a href=http://thierrylurton.com/img/Guccionfr.php?cheap-gucci-tote-bag-on-sale-295266-kdd1n-1362-p-106.html>Cheap GUCCI tote Bag On Sale 295266 KDD1N 1362</a>r were only available an incident by which Democrats desired to stop Conservatives through spanning over in primaries.

Any McDaniel admirer registered a suit Tuesday around McDaniel's your home region quoting that will regulation, but it was not very clear in case your assess would probably evaluate the go well with prior to surveys availabl<a href=http://thierrylurton.com/img/Guccionfr.php?cheap-gucci-gg-twins-large-hobo-with-interlocking-g-ornaments-p-595.html>Cheap GUCCI GG twins large hobo with interlocking G ornaments</a>e Mondy.

Mississippi's attorney basic, your Democrat, and admin of talk about, your Republican, issued some pot affirmation Wednesday announcing: "A particular person lawfully inside the polling spot may possibly difficult task the voter based upon party trustworthiness if only this voter freely says he does not want to secure the nominees of the bash whose main the actual voter will be participating in."

About 9 out of 10 bright voters with Ms said that they supported Republican nominee Mitt Mitt romney in the Next year presidential selection, and more than Hunting for with Ten african american voters proclaimed that they protected Democratic Obama, in line with an depart study held for any Associated Click along with other headlines corporations. However, Cochran is definitely supported by certain dark Dems, including Vicksburg Gran Henry Flaggs assuring Sen. Willie Simmons.

Simmons informed this AP about Thursday that she identified as inside Democratic key 06 Three and can't vote from the GOP run-off Thursday, however he has campaigned to get Cochran by causing telephone calls and delivering text letters to help african american c

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