A new study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, notes that the foods a pregnant mama-to-be chooses may...
A new study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, notes that the foods a pregnant mama-to-be chooses may alter child brain structure and affect both the child's sense of smell and their flavor preferences. Wow - that's a lot of influence from a pregnant mama huh?! Of course this was one of those studies done on mice, but even so the results were cool. Researchers fed one group of pregnant mice boring food (i.e. bland) and fed another group of pregnant mice one of two varieties of flavored food. Mice followed these diets during gestation and nursing. Later, the new baby mice were exposed to various food items, including the foods that their mama mice had been fed. Baby mice whose mothers had eaten flavored food preferred the scent of that particular food item, over other foods. Baby mice whose mothers had eaten bland food showed no preference for any particular sort of food. Additionally, the researchers studied the baby mice brains and found that baby mice whose mothers got flavored food had significantly larger glomeruli than those mice whose mothers had eaten the non-flavored food. According to study lead author Josephine Todrank, PhD., the study should remind people that what a mama eats and drinks while pregnant or nursing can play a big role in how her child will eat and drink later in life. Todrank notes, “If the mother drinks alcohol, her child may be more attracted to alcohol because the developing fetus ‘expects’ that whatever comes from the mother must be safe. If she eats healthy food, the child will prefer healthy food." I'd be shocked if this news above surprised you though. We've seen this sort of deal with many studies over the years. For example... *Source via Nutrition Horizon

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