Gum Disease Treatments Safe During Pregnancy

Past studies have linked gum disease to developmental delays in babies, which causes somewhat of an issue, since other studies...
Past studies have linked gum disease to developmental delays in babies, which causes somewhat of an issue, since other studies have told mothers that dental work during pregnancy is a bad idea. Now a new study says that one, gum disease treatments during pregnancy may be safe, BUT may not actually benefit babies at all. Gum disease is a bacterial infection that can break down gum tissue, cause health problems and tooth loss and it's known to be worse during pregnancy due to hormone changes. In order to find out how treatment for gum disease affected mamas and babies, researchers looked at a group of mothers, half of whom had been treated with aggressive teeth-cleaning during pregnancy. The other half of the mothers had not received treatment during pregnancy. The results: Children of mothers who had received treatment for periodontal disease performed just as well on language, motor and mental skill tests as the kids who were born to moms who didn't go through treatments. Basically gum disease treatments didn't matter one bit when it came to child development. Now, researchers also found that the treatments didn't necessarily benefit the kids either - meaning, when a mom-to-be undergoes gum disease treatment, it benefits her, but not her child significantly. Results match a past study that shows that treatment of periodontitis in pregnant women improves periodontal disease and is safe but does not significantly alter rates of preterm birth, low birth weight, or fetal growth restriction. What this means to you: If pregnant, it's likely safe for you to get treatments for gum disease. Of course, always discuss any medical treatments with your personal midwife or doctor and dentist. + Maternal Periodontitis Treatment and Child Neurodevelopment at 24 to 28 Months of Age + Source

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