A few months ago, my husband was pulled over for talking on his cell phone while driving, something that has...
A few months ago, my husband was pulled over for talking on his cell phone while driving, something that has been outlawed the State of California. He was using the speaker phone and was under the impression that it was okay so long as the phone wasn't up to his ear. (He'll never admit this, being a 38 year old grown man, but I know he came to that conclusion after watching several episodes of The Hills and seeing Lauren and all of her friends chatting away on speaker phone while driving...) The officer mocked his stupidity, asked what made my husband think using speaker phone was different than holding the phone, and then let him go with a warning. Anyway, I was sitting in some lovely parking lot-esque traffic the other day and happened to glance over at the car next to me. The driver, a woman in her mid-20's, was puffing away on a cigarette. The windows were up and I thought, "Geez, it has to be pretty smoky in there." And then I saw a tiny little baby in the backseat. My first thought was, "It's not safe to talk on the phone or text while driving (and it's not), so we outlaw that. But it's okay to smoke in a tiny little closed space with an infant?" As it turns out, California has a law that makes it illegal to smoke in a vehicle if a child under six is also present. The fine for doing so is $100 or less. However, an officer cannot pull someone over simply for the smoking infraction. You have to be pulled over for something else, and then you can receive a fine for smoking. Smoking in a vehicle with a minor has been illegal in Arkansas since 2006, according to this article. It also states that a similar law has been adopted in Louisiana and Maine. I understand that we can't make everything illegal, even if it's harmful. I realize that talking on the phone or texting while driving has far-reaching implications beyond just putting those in the car in danger. But still. I'll admit that I've seen a pregnant woman smoking before and felt full of judgment. I mean, it's 2010. We *know* better, right? And while I always do my best not to be judgmental of other's decisions relating to parenting, I think that I'd have trouble finding very many people who would insist that it's okay for an expectant mom to smoke. Some things aren't open to personal parenting preferences. But what about smoking around babies? Knowing what we now know about secondhand smoke, is that ever okay? Would you allow someone to smoke in the car with your baby? Would you smoke in the car with your baby?

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