If you're a new parent, do you talk to your baby? Is it difficult for you? Do you feel...weird? Some...

If you're a new parent, do you talk to your baby? Is it difficult for you? Do you feel...weird? Some new parents have a hard time talking to their babies - just carrying on as though there's nothing unusual about having a never ending one-sided conversation. For me, it wasn't much of a reach. I'll be honest. Before I was a mom, I was the girl who had conversations with the dogs. Or myself. Often. So, when our son first came home, I just picked right up with him. There's probably a reason that he now says, "Mom, sssshhhh! Please!" every once in a while. My husband, however, struggled. If you knew him, you might think I was lying. He's Chatty Cathy. Sometimes, he talks too much. Really, he. is. a. talker. But when he first became a dad? Not so much. Long stretches of silence would ensue during diaper changes or dressing. He was amazing about singing to our son during bottle feeding and rocking - even if I needed earplugs. He was aware of his hang-up. He asked me early on what he should do. Really? The guy that loves to talk, asking me how to...talk? But it's understandable. It can feel a bit odd or unnatural to talk to a baby as though he might respond. However, it's important for your baby's growth and development. When I requested my husband describe how he felt, he responded, "I felt like I should say something, but I didn't feel comfortable saying anything! I wasn't used to it. It's hard to talk to babies who don't talk back!" I think the last part sums it up quite well. Being aware of it helped him to loosen up and become comfortable talking to our son and subsequently, our daughter (who made things easier on him - at least temporarily - by beginning to talk around nine months old). My husband thinks it might be harder for men to learn to talk to babies than it is for women. What do you think? Is it easy -- or difficult -- to talk to a baby who doesn't respond? And do you think the parent's gender affects that?

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