I'll start this post out with a "confession" of sorts. I consider myself a well-read individual. I research and try...
I'll start this post out with a "confession" of sorts. I consider myself a well-read individual. I research and try to gain a decent understanding of the important issues that face our family -- particularly when we have to make decisions about "things" that matter. My law school education was all about research...and thorough research. But one thing my husband and I never researched at all -- never even gave much thought to -- was the decision to (or not to) circumcise our son. When I read on an adoption forum that circumcision is not routine where our son was born, my husband and I decided we would have him circumcised once he came home (in a procedure that would have been done under anesthesia because he wasn't a newborn). Why? I'm asking myself that question right now. Sadly, I can't answer it with anything justifiable, such as a medical reason or a religious preference. In fact, while we very quickly decided against the circumcision procedure once we became his parents, I still didn't give the actual issue much thought until I wrote this blog post about an infant's death bringing circumcision under fire, and then didn't thoroughly research the topic until I began writing an article that was published on SheKnows the other day. And this is well over two years after we should have had this knowledge. During the course of my recent interviews, I heard from several people with very interesting perspectives, including someone with deeply held religious views -- the same that many who choose circumcision also hold -- who opposed circumcision. Everything I have learned has left me with a pretty solid opinion: I wouldn't choose to have any future sons circumcised (I should mention that all of that pretend shopping I did for boy's and girl's nursery bedding made me think -- just for two seconds -- about another baby), absent a compelling medical reason. It also made me realize that my previous opinion on circumcision -- of course we'd have it done -- was based on, well, nothing. That being said, I don't feel that it's my place to dictate what other parents choose to do with their children as far as circumcision. It still seems to be a very personal decision. And with this post, I'm done researching the topic, at least for now. Do you have any idea how many images I saw in the course of looking for valid news articles? And I'm not talking the baby variety. No, thanks! How do you feel about circumcision?

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