Do you like bagels? Do you like poppy seed or everything bagels? Well, if you're due any time soon, stop...
Poppy Seed BagelDo you like bagels? Do you like poppy seed or everything bagels? Well, if you're due any time soon, stop eating them. Pronto. You may have heard about the mother who indulged in an innocent poppy seed bagel, went into labor and had her newborn removed by Lawrence County Child and Youth Services. Poppy seeds fall into the "opiates" category. You know, like heroin? But they're not quite the same thing. Right? As you might imagine, this mother was a bit miffed. Now she's suing. And I say rightfully so. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune article, no one bothered to check the mother's previous drug tests during her pregnancy, all of which were negative. Caseworkers didn't even bother to interview the mother, the fiance, the doctor or the hospital staff. Just, BAM! Emergency custody. No questions asked. Baby removed. I would be livid. I would be more than livid. I would be foaming at the mouth, rabid Mama Bear kind of livid. You're going to take my baby on a false accusation with no questions asked? I'm going to sue your pants off -- no questions asked. I understand that the Department of Child and Youth Services exists to protect children. I understand that there are some children who do need to be removed -- immediately. But I also understand that DCYS didn't follow through properly here. They didn't ask questions. They didn't follow protocol. They jumped the gun. They caused drama, chaos and trauma. And someone should be held accountable. Really, it could have happened to me. I was, shall we say, slightly irregular during my last pregnancy. I found that eating an "everything" bagel (which contains poppy seeds) in the morning -- with its added fiber -- helped keep me going. If I would have had one the morning I went into labor, would my baby have been taken from me? Thankfully I went into labor the day after Thanksgiving and had nothing but lots and lots of turkey and mashed potatoes in my system. And green bean casserole. And cranberries. And gravy. Mmm, gravy. But the point is that it could have happened to me. Quite honestly, I don't think I would care about a monetary reward if it was me. My lawsuit would be more about making sure this nonsense -- because that's what it is -- didn't happen to another innocent mother, father and baby. Hopefully the publicity that this story has garnered will make caseworkers ask a few more questions before rushing in and taking babies away from innocent mothers. Could this have happened to you? Photo Credit: Andrew Mason.

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