Kourtney Kardashian's son Mason Disick recently experienced an allergic reaction to peanut butter. She shared the following on her blog: Friday...
Kourtney Kardashian's son Mason Disick recently experienced an allergic reaction to peanut butter. She shared the following on her blog:
Friday night Mason ate some peanut butter and had a little allergic reaction to it. He threw up within minutes of tasting it and got hives on his face. I called 911 and the fire department came immediately. They suggested that we take him to the hospital, so we did.
Her son was okay, thank goodness, but peanut allergies are no joke. I allowed both of my children to have peanut butter at a pretty young age - slightly before they turned one. My son is from Vietnam and my daughter is from Ethiopia. From my research, I understood that the incidence of peantut allergies among Ethiopians and Vietnamese to be much lower than among children born in the U.S. Fortunately, neither of my children has a peanut allergy. Of the many allergies people can have, peanut allergies scare me the most. They can be deadly and mild exposure -- being in the presence of peanut dust, for example -- for a few people who are extremely sensitive can be deadly. As a mom, what should you do? If you're expecting, you should be aware that a recent study has linked peanut allergies in children to a mom's consumption of peanuts while pregnant. This is a new study and I think more research is needed. But still, it's something to be aware of and keep in mind when deciding what you will and will not eat while you are pregnant. If you have a baby, The March of Dimes has some excellent information on introducing your baby to peanuts. In light of the recent research that shows that there is no benefit to delaying introduction of peanuts to children until they are older -- two or three years old -- parents are no longer urged to do that.
In fact, a 2008 study found a 10-fold greater risk of peanut allergy in children who did not eat peanuts in infancy and early childhood compared to those who ate high quantities of peanuts (6). Additional studies are needed to determine whether eating peanuts in early childhood can help prevent peanut allergy in high-risk children. (Source)
So, when do you introduce peanuts? It's hard to say at exactly what age. Do your research and make the best decision you can with the information that is available to you. If you suspect your child is having an allergic reaction after ingesting peanuts, as Kourtney Kardashian did, take a cue from her (yes, I just urged you to do what one of the Kardashians has done!) and seek emergency assistance. That was a very good Mom Decision. It's much, much better to be safe than sorry, as severe peanut allergies can result in anaphylaxis. While only one percent of people have peanut allergies, life for some of that one percent can be scary. If for some reason your baby in in child care or school where they don't allow peanuts, be understanding of the reason.

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