I'm a total pajama sucker. I loved jammies on my babies, and I still love jammies on my toddler and...
I'm a total pajama sucker. I loved jammies on my babies, and I still love jammies on my toddler and preschooler. My two little ones have enough pajamas for four kids. I want to share some super cute holiday pajamas for your baby with you, just in case you're looking. The way I see it, if you're going to buy holiday pajamas, you should buy them now to get the most use of them this season.

Old Navy small penguins two-piece set

Available in sizes as small as 3-6 months, this super cute two piece set is perfect for winter. Priced at $12.50.

Gap Santa Sleeper

Sale alert! Normally priced at $22, Gap pajamas for the little ones are $15 each if you purchase two or more.

Hanna Andersson Organic Cotton Snug Fit Sleeper

I adore these pajamas! I also happen to adore Hanna Andersson. Win-win! Available at Nordstrom and priced at $25.

Carter's Christmas Embroidered Sleep and Play

Available in size Newborn and 3 months, this is truly for your Christmas baby. Nothing is as cute as a tiny baby in footsie jammies! Currently on sale for $10. If you're expecting and aren't sure how many pairs of pajamas (or anything else) you'll need, check out Baby's First Clothes for a list of recommended items you'll need.

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