A University Of Michigan National Poll On Children's Health Found That Parents Are Still Giving Babies And Toddlers Under Two Years Old Cough And Cold Medicines, Despite The FDA's 2008 Warning Not Do So.

A University of Michigan National Poll on Children's Health found that parents are still giving babies and toddlers under two years old cough and cold medicines, despite the FDA's 2008 warning not do so.
Do you recall the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) specifically advising against giving cough and cold medicine to babies and toddlers under two years old in 2008? I do! I hadn't been a mom for very long at that point and I wasn't sure what to do about the cold situation, which seemed to take over our home for months at a time. Well, we did nothing, following the FDA guidelines. However, how many parents still give their babies cough and cold meds? A University of Michigan National Poll on Children's Health found that parents are still giving babies and toddlers under two years old cough and cold medicines. In fact, 61% of the parents surveyed acknowledged having done just that in the past 12 months. While over two thirds of parents said they gave their babies cough or cold medicine so they could sleep better or feel more comfortable during the day, over half said that their child's doctor recommended giving their child cough or cold medicine. Interesting, huh? So, are the doctors ignoring the FDA or are they unaware? My guess is the former...and I may be speaking from experience. While I didn't give either of my kids cough or cold medicine before they turned two, it's not because it wasn't suggested to me. The FDA made their recommendation against giving cough and cold medicine to babies both because of the number of children that died as a result of being given too much and because it was found that the medicine did little to nothing to alleviate a child's symptoms. So, what do you think? Do you give your child under two medicine if s/he has a cough or cold? Has your child's pediatrician suggested it? If you do give your child cough and cold medicine, is it because you believe the issue was with parents giving heir children too high of a dose?

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