A New Study Conducted By Researchers Concluded That A Low-To-Moderate Weight Training Program During Pregnancy Is Both Safe And Good For Expectant Mothers.

A new study conducted by researchers concluded that a low-to-moderate weight training program during pregnancy is both safe and good for expectant mothers.
A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Georgia and published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health concluded that a low-to-moderate weight training program during pregnancy is both safe and good for expectant mothers.
The research... measured progression in the amount of weight used, changes in resting blood pressure and potential adverse side effects in 32 pregnant women over a 12-week period. After a total of 618 exercise sessions, none of the pregnant women in the study experienced a musculoskeletal injury. (Source: Medical News Today)
For the study, the expectant mothers completed six exercises, two times a week, increasing the weight over the duration of the study by an average of 36%. The researchers found that the women's blood pressure neither increased nor decreased. They also found that any dizziness the women experienced was eliminated after they learned proper breathing techniques. A grant from the National Institute of Health helped fund the study and the researchers worked with midwives and obstetricians. When I used to work with a trainer regularly (in my pre-kids days!), there were a few expectant moms who trained regularly throughout their pregnancy. The trainers were very careful with the weights and types of exercises and the women looked healthy and happy.

Have you weight trained during pregnancy? How did you feel?

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