Not Only Is Having A Difficult Childhood Hard On An Individual, It Can Also Affect A Woman's Baby. Babies Born To Women With Difficult Childhoods Are At Greater Risk Of Having Low Birth Weight.

Not only is having a difficult childhood hard on an individual, it can also affect a woman's baby. Babies born to women with difficult childhoods are at greater risk of having low birth weight.
Not only is having a difficult childhood hard on an individual, it can also affect a woman's baby. University of Washington at Seattle researchers reviewed data from 136 women who were both mothers and had been a part of a study since they were children.
They found that women who suffered emotional, physical or sexual abuse or poverty in childhood were more likely to smoke, drink or use drugs during pregnancy, which increases the risk of having a low birth weight baby. (Source: HealthDay via US News)
Babies who have low birth weight have a greater risk of experiencing chronic health problems or even dying before their first birthday. Low birth weight is defined as weighing five pounds, eight ounces or less, and eight percent of babies born in the U.S. each year have low birth weight.
"Our findings suggest that a mother's economic position in childhood and her experience of maltreatment during childhood have implications for her children born years later," study author Amelia Gavin, an assistant professor in the School of Social Work, said in a university news release. "What is important about this study is that it was the mother's experience of poverty and maltreatment in childhood, not her poverty or depression or obesity in adulthood, that contributed to her infant's low birth weight," she added. (Source: HealthDay via US News)
I wrote an article several months ago about a Center for Disease Control study that showed a majority of U.S. adults had a troubled childhood, and I found this study particularly interesting in light of that.

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