Today, KV Pharmaceutical Announced That It Was Lowering The Cost Of Makena, From $1,500 Per Dose To $690 Per Dose. Makena Helps Prevent Perterm Birth And Is Delivered Via Injection, Once A Week, For Approximately 20 Weeks.

Today, KV Pharmaceutical announced that it was lowering the cost of Makena, from $1,500 per dose to $690 per dose. Makena helps prevent perterm birth and is delivered via injection, once a week, for approximately 20 weeks.
The saga of the preterm birth drug Makena continues. First, the FDA grated approval to KV Pharmaceutical to manufacture Makena, the previously-generic drug mixed at compounding pharmacies. The move was applauded as a good one, as it would ensure uniformity. Then all of the excitement turned to concern when KV announced the price of Makena: $1,500 per dose. Two days ago, the FDA announced that it would not take action against compounding pharmacies that mixed a generic version of Makena on their own, sending the value of KV Pharmaceutical stock down by 20%. Today, KV Pharmaceutical announced that it was lowering the cost of Makena, from $1,500 per dose to $690 per dose. Makena helps prevent perterm birth and is delivered via injection, once a week, for approximately 20 weeks. This means that the cost of Makena for a pregnancy is $13,800, which is certainly better than the $30,000 it would have cost when the price was $1,500 per injection. And yet it's still a whole lot more than the estimated $400 it cost when the drug was mixed at compounding pharmacies. It's not surprising -- when you do the math -- that many groups and physicians are still very unhappy.
Hours after K-V's announcement, the March of Dimes, which had accepted about $1 million in donations since 2006 from a K-V subsidiary and allowed it to use the charity's logo on its website, said it was severing its relationship with the drug maker. "The company's handling of the launch of Makena, and the initial list price, were highly unsatisfactory and unacceptable to the March of Dimes and the families we represent," the maternal and infant health charity said in a statement. (Source: LA Times)
What do you think? Does the newly lowered (but still incredibly high) price make you feel better? Recent news about Makena: More on preterm birth:

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