A New Study Concluded That Babies Who Cry, Sleep Or Feed Excessively Are At A Greater Risk Of Becoming Children With Behavioral Problems.

A new study concluded that babies who cry, sleep or feed excessively are at a greater risk of becoming children with behavioral problems.
A new study published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood and shared by HealthDay news (via US News) concluded that babies who cry, sleep or feed excessively are at a greater risk of becoming children with behavioral problems. Great! Another thing to worry about if you have a fussy baby.
The researchers found that infants with regulatory problems were more likely to have childhood behavioral problems than were other infants. The most likely childhood behavioral issues for infants with regulatory problems were attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and externalizing problems, such as aggressive or destructive behavior, conduct problems and temper tantrums.
Furthermore, the greater number of regulatory problems that a baby had, the more likely s/he was to show behavioral problems as a child. This makes sense to me, but I doubt that every baby who has regulatory problems ends up displaying behavioral problems as a child. If this information can help parents interact with their "fussy" babies, toddlers, preschoolers, etc., as they grow in ways that will allow their children to better manage behavioral problems, then it's great. However, assuming that you won't do anything differently, if it's just one more thing for already tired or stressed parents to stew about, I think it's best not to focus on it. Both of my kids were "fussy" babies. I always attribute that to them having lived in orphanages before we adopted them, but who knows?! Either way, I wouldn't have parented any differently than I did no matter the cause. But like I said, if we reach a point where we have the knowledge to parent differently based on better outcomes for fussy babies, then knowing this could be useful. >>What are your thoughts? If you have a fussy baby, does the fact that s/he could have a behavioral problem later in life make you consider changing your parenting?

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