A Monterey Woman Gave Birth To A 14 Pound Baby. Yes, That's Right -- 14 Pounds! Read On For The Details!

A Monterey woman gave birth to a 14 pound baby. Yes, that's right -- 14 pounds! Read on for the details!
I've had conversations with women who gave birth to babies weighing nearly 10 pounds and I've always thought, "How in the world...?" But this news story, highlighting a woman who gave birth to a 14 pound baby, takes the cake! If this doesn't leave you wondering, "How in the world...?" I don't know what will! Matthew Allen Maldanado was born to a Monterey, California, couple -- weighing in at over 14 pounds. His mom was in labor for over two days. The baby's parents were expecting a baby over ten pounds...but over 14?! The Maldenado's baby was born via c-section. If you'd like to watch the news click, head over to Yahoo News. Unfortunately, it doesn't give the option to embed it. Boo! Having a 14 pound baby at birth is hard for me to wrap my mind around. My daughter was 12.5 pounds at eight months. She was malnourished and unhealthy and far too small for her age, but to think of a newborn weighing 14 pounds is crazy. My son weighed 18 pounds at ten months. I'm glad to hear mom and baby are doing well. Did you give birth to an unusually large baby? Share your story in the comments section!

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