Public Breastfeeding Has Been "Limited" By An Ordinance In The Forrest Park Area Of Atlanta. Children Over Two Cannot Be Legally Nursed In Public. Say What?

Public breastfeeding has been "limited" by an ordinance in the Forrest Park area of Atlanta. Children over two cannot be legally nursed in public. Say what?
Public breastfeeding has been "limited" by an ordinance in the Forrest Park area of Atlanta. The purpose of the public indecency ordinance is to prevent public nudity. And according to this law, public nudity is prevented by prohibiting women from breastfeeding any child over two years old in public. Say what? Forrest Park City Manager John Parker was quoted as saying, "“It sets up a process whereby we can try to control nudity throughout the entire city." Yes, definitely. We should control nudity by preventing women from breastfeeding. Parker called the law "a proactive step." I have to agree that it's proactive. And by that, I mean a proactive step in getting some media attention and a lot of moms who nurse toddlers to stage a nurse-in - law-breaking or not. I have to wonder what he's thinking. It's 2011. Why are we even having to talk about this? There are so many things wrong with his statement and the law itself that it's hard to know where to start. Let's just sum it up by saying that this is probably isn't going to go well, nor should it.


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henrynbs October 16, 2014
Gunn is an important part of the Community

Co <a href=>2012 air max womens </a> rnwall Becky Wright and Richard Gunn remember their father, Joe Gunn, a man. The church, which has a big heart and poured his heart and soul, as he is involved in many initiatives

But most of all, as I remember him as their father and superhero.

'He wanted to change that. ' Gunn had a local real estate agent has been licensed since 1985 Goderich, Ont. Born in Cornwall 1968 and moved to a post with the Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce.

Joe married Marjorie; The couple have been together for 20 years before they separated. Marjorie says Joe was very proud of his son.

Gunn was a member of the Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce.

his tenure with the Chamber for over 40 years: his affiliation goes back to 1970, when <a href=>nike air max 2011 white leather </a> the time was the manager of the Chamber. From 2008 to 2009 he served as director. Then he sat from 2009 to 2010, as treasurer.

'He was an important part of the board, said Jeff Bethune, a former chairman of the board. 'He was in love with the City of Cornwall. He worked hard to promote the interests of the city at all costs. He will be sorely missed.

statement, says Managing Director Lezlie Strasser Gunn was a professional colleague, a mentor and a close and dear friend. '

'He was always there to of <a href=>90 air max shoes </a> fer support and advice, and I will miss his leadership, his encouragement and his friendship, and I know I speak for the whole of our chamber choir, 'he says.

Gunn social engagement, but it did not stop the chamber.

'He has nothing to do with. This is 180 percent, and then some, 'says Lisa Pich, companion.

Gunn served for 24 years as a trustee with the Upper Canada District School Board, sat down as director of the mental health of the Cornwall Association of the Ontario Public School Boards' Associat <a href=>new nike air max shoes </a> ion, was a director of the Canadian Liver Foundation and a member of the Cornwall Community Police Service board. He is also a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force Association Gunn served as an Air Force pilot in t <a href=>discount nike air max </a> he Royal Canadian Legion, the nation and the Sunrise Rotary Club.

his involvement in education, Ritchie says education and the children were very important to his father.

'looked and looked for the children of the community, 'he said. 'He's got it all. He was'.

Gunn, former bus <a href=>all black air max 2011 </a> iness owner in Cornwall, and Radio Shack franchise operation locally.
He was also a life member of the Kinsmen Cl <a href=>nike air max 12 </a> ub

am Joe, since he arrived in Cornwall: we came around the same time, around 1968, 'says Wes Libbey Kinsmen member. 'Joe had a heart of gold.

Libbey, he said, Gunn worked together in various Kinsmen executives and the school board.

'with Joe and I have memories. I remember when, how? 'This is the kind of stuff Joe and I will do everything possible' to Libbey said. 'This is what I'm going to miss :. Past '

part of the Progressive Conservative Party was also part of an extensive resume Gunn.

'Joe staunch conservative for so many years, 'said lawmaker Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry North, Guy Lauzon. 'When I started out in politics, he was helpful. He has a very, very good advice.

Lauzon said Gunn was 'an experienced and well connected.

Jim Brownell, MA liberals for Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry South extends condolences in e-mail.

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