Not All Baby Carriers Are Created Equal. One Doctor Analyzes The Stress That Certain Baby Carriers Can Place On A Baby's Spinal Cord.

Not all baby carriers are created equal. One doctor analyzes the stress that certain baby carriers can place on a baby's spinal cord.
Not all baby carriers are created equal. I've proclaimed my love for the ERGO carrier on more than one occasion (and hello! have you seen the new Petunia Pickle Bottom Ergo prints?!), but here's yet another reason to love it: Less spinal stress for your baby. I was pointed to a blog that pointed to a very old opinion on infant carriers and spinal stress. In it, the author discussed how baby carriers that allow baby's legs to dangle and place a lot of pressure on baby's crotch area puts baby at risk for spondylolisthesis.This is a condition that can result from great stress in the lower back. While it's not common, the author contended that certain baby carriers create optimum conditions for causing spondylolisthesis. The older article was updated with the following:
UPDATE: This article was written in the 1990s when the all of the popular upright baby-carrier designs had the harmful characteristics described below. Today, several new and improved upright carrier designs are available. The gold standard for carrying your baby should be your own arms. In other words, an upright carrier should hold your baby the way your arms would, e.g., facing you with legs in a frog-like, spread-squat position with the baby's weight supported across the buttocks and thighs. —Ed.
I am a huge fan of baby wearing - I think it's wonderful for bonding and for getting things done! However, this is another reason - in addition to your comfort - to carefully select your baby carrier. More on baby wearing and baby carriers Top 5 Reasons to wear your baby The best of babywearing Carriers vs. slings

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