Even More Evidence Supports Many Doctors' Suggestion That Pregnant Women Have A Flu Shot. New Research Concludes The Flu Shot Doesn't Put A Woman At A Higher Risk For Miscarriage.

Even more evidence supports many doctors' suggestion that pregnant women have a flu shot. New research concludes the flu shot doesn't put a woman at a higher risk for miscarriage.
Even more evidence supports many doctors' suggestion that pregnant women have a flu shot. New research concludes the flu shot doesn't put a woman at a higher risk for miscarriage. This study follows others that confirm the safety of the flu vaccine in pregnant women, as well as the immunity benefits it can extend to babies after birth. "We're building a large and consistent body of evidence regarding the benefits and safety of flu vaccination in pregnancy," Kathleen Neuzil, M.D., MPH, told WebMD. Nuezil, a member of Infectious Disease Society of America's (IDSA) pandemic influenza task force and director of the influenza vaccine project at PATH, was not involved with any of the new research. For the study showing no link between the flu vaccine and miscarriage, researchers compared medical records of 243 women who had miscarried with those of an equal number who did not miscarry. They found that 38 women who miscarried had received a flu shot in the four weeks preceding the miscarriage. They also found that 31 women who did not miscarry had received a flu vaccine. Experts say the results -- 16% who miscarried versus 13% who did not -- show that the flu shot isn't responsible for miscarriage. The three percent difference is so small that it is likely due to chance. Read more on the flu shot and pregnancy March of Dimes: If you're pregnant, you should get a flu shot Expectant moms who get the flu shot have lower chance of preterm birth Flu shot improves maternal and fetal outcomes

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dependable action to take is usually to watch the legislations and an illustration, Coffey reported.

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are content the fact that Doctor Typical Asseell drillers through the Dot plus Enhancement to the Division with All-natural Methods.閿樼笁ew legislation be effective July

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Melissa April 16, 2012
Catching the flu puts you at risk of having a miscarriage. You wouldn't risk your child getting meningitis after they are born so why risk anything while still in utero.
Lisa April 08, 2012
I wholeheartedly disagree with this article. I was advised by my ob-gyn to get a flu shot during pregnancy and as a result I ended up hospitalized with severe ITP. The flu shot stimulates our immune system, which can be compromised or altered during pregnancy. Unfortunately for me, I experienced a horrible immune reaction to the flu shot where my blood platelets dropped to well below 5,000 (normal platelet levels are between 150-400 thousand -- platelets are responsible for clotting, without which you can bleed to death). My advice to anyone who is pregnant is to avoid all vaccines and just try to stay healthy & keep away from sick people. No need to risk getting a rare reaction from vaccines/shots.
Susan March 25, 2012
I got a flu shot when I was 7 weeks long. Well, currently i'm 28.5 weeks pregnant.
Apsara March 23, 2012
I had the flu shot while 5 months pregnant and am fine and so is my now 11 month old baby... Sebring, when you say it's "very common", how common is that? I don't know anyone that it's happened to.
Sebring2206 March 17, 2012
BE AWARE OF GETTING THE FLU SHOT, AS my friend who is 48 yrs old got the flu shot and one week later he is paralized from the waist down, its been 2 yrs now and theres no change. Its called TVM@ transversemylities....this is very common, so please be aware when getting these shots!