A New Pregnancy And Birth App (With Content From 60 MDs Who Are Moms), The Mommy MD Guide To Pregnancy And Birth, Is Available For Your IPhone, IPod Touch And IPad.

A new pregnancy and birth app, the Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth, is available for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The content is from 60 doctors who are also moms (so they're in touch!) and it offers tips for the "challenges and celebrations that all pregnant women face."
A new pregnancy and birth app, the Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth, is available for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The content is from 60 doctors who are also moms (so they're in touch!) and it offers tips for the "challenges and celebrations that all pregnant women face." The Mommy MD iPhone app allows mamas-to-be to:
  • Track their pregnancy progress each week
  • Track their baby's development each week
  • Follow weekly to-do lists
  • Track the number of days until their baby makes his/her debut with the Time Until Birth Calculator
  • Get tips on how to share their pregnancy news with friends and family
The 60 moms who contribute the info to the Mommy MD iPhone app have 146 children and hundreds of years of medical experience collectively. Additional features:
* Clean, easy-to-read and use interface * Trusted pregnancy and birth guide * Content from 60 doctors who are also mothers * Week by week pregnancy progress tracker * Weekly pregnancy to-do lists * Convenient, 24/7 expert advice and guidance from an iDevice * First app in the new Mommy MD Guides series
The Mommy MD iPhone app is 99 cents and is available in the app store. From the description: "This app is divided into 40 sections, one for each week of pregnancy, plus a section about the baby’s birth. Each week opens with a “Your Baby This Week” section, which details baby’s development over the next seven days, and is filled with tips about the topics particular to that week. In addition to more than 250 tips from doctor moms, the app also features critical information on when to call your doctor or midwife."

Tell us: Have you tried the Mommy MD iPhone app? Do you like it?

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