Women Assume That Feeling Bad -- Back Aches, Swollen Feet And Shoulder Tension -- Is Part Of Pregnancy. Not So. Learn How To Alleviate Back Pain In Pregnancy.

Women assume that feeling bad -- back aches, swollen feet and shoulder tension -- is part of pregnancy. Not so. Learn how to alleviate back pain in pregnancy.

by: Elaine Petrone

Women assume that feeling bad -- back aches, swollen feet, neck and shoulder tension -- is an unavoidable part of pregnancy. Not so. Our bodies are equipped to naturally adjust to pregnancy, but some women have pre-existing alignment issues that make those adjustments difficult. Elaine Petrone, author of the Miracle Ball Method and Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy, outlines four simple ways to help you release the muscle tension that keeps your body from adjusting with ease. If you don’t have a Miracle Ball, you can use any small grapefruit-sized ball. Note: Always consult your doctor before trying any of these ball placements. Lie on your side and place ball underneath your rib cage. This will help elongate the muscles around your midsection muscles and improve your posture. This is a great ball placement for second half of pregnancy or even after birth - try breastfeeding on your side with the ball under your ribs. To help relieve mid-back pain, lie on your right side, take a ball in your right hand and place the ball behind the top of your shoulder. Roll back so the ball is right between your shoulder blades. Breathe and let your weight fall into the ball. If your doctor advised you not to lie directly on your back after 20 weeks, lie on your side and place the ball between your knees. Breathe and let the weight of your body sink into the ball. To help relieve lower back pain, lie on your back on your back and rest your calves on a low coffee table or ottoman. Slowly curl your pelvis upwards, but not so high that you are exercising you abdominal muscles. This is a small movement. Gently let your pelvis back down to the floor and repeat, slowly, for 10 to 15 minutes. For sciatic pain as well as lower and middle back pain, lie on your back and bend your knees. Rolling from one side to the other, place balls under each buttock, a few inches below your belt-line. Slowly bring your right leg up to your chest. Let your body rest. Then place your right foot back on the floor and repeat with the left leg. Then try bringing both legs up. As a variation, you can let your thighs open up for a nice stretch. Thanks to Elaine Petrone for these great tips on how to feel sexy after pregnancy. You can purchase The Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy to learn more! More on back pain during pregnancy Postpartum back pain Beating pregnancy back pain Pregnancy back pain: Manage it with massage

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