Think You Might Be Pregnant? The Wait To Take A Test Can Be Tough!

It's an exciting time! You might be pregnant -- your timing was right and you're ready for this -- all you need to do is wait for that positive pregnancy test. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, if you really think you might be pregnant, you know that this time is anything but easy. Read on for some tips on getting through these days in waiting.
Nancy J Price

When you're hoping for a positive pregnancy test result, the wait can seem interminable, and the wondering can be stressful. Here are eight things you can do to make the wait until you can test as bearable as possible.

1) Minimize your wait
Traditionally, you needed to wait at least until your period was due before you could test -- that was about 28 days after the first day of your last period (although cycle length varies). Fortunately, you don't need to wait that long any more. Several pregnancy tests on the market offer high-sensitivity, allowing you to get a result sooner.

2) Get ready
So, are you prepared for a positive pregnancy test result? Here's a quick to-do checklist of things you can do in the meantime:

  • Review your health insurance to find out what kind of prenatal care they cover.
  • Choose a caregiver for your pregnancy.
  • Schedule a pre-conception checkup if you haven't already.
  • Ask your caregiver about starting prenatal vitamins.
  • Buy a pregnancy test kit -- you might want to get more than one so you can confirm the results.

    Take care of what you can now so you can stay ahead of the game.

    3) Start healthy habits
    Don't wait until that pregnancy test comes back positive before you start to get all the nutrition a pregnant woman needs! "You and your baby both will benefit if you're in the best health - nutritional and otherwise - as possible at the time of conception," says nutritionist Martha Belury, PhD, RD. "To that end, health practitioners often recommend all women begin taking prenatal supplements and eliminating alcoholic beverage consumption and tobacco products usage before pregnancy."

    Kelly Shanahan, MD, a board-certified obstetrician gynecologist, agrees. She says that even before conception is confirmed, women can begin to curb any harmful habits, like smoking and drinking. You can also start implementing a healthier diet containing essential vitamins and nutrients, such as folic acid and calcium. And don't forget the fluids: You should also be sure to drink plenty of water.

    When it comes to kicking bad habits, it's not easy, but you should do your best for your baby. Smoking, drinking, many medications (and, of course, illicit drugs) should be considered off-limits during pregnancy or while trying to conceive. You should also avoid caffeine, such as in coffee, teas and carbonated beverages) and excess sugar. You will also want to consider your exposure to everyday environmental hazards like secondhand smoke and gasoline fumes (if you pump your own gas).

    4) Familiarize yourself with symptoms of pregnancy
    There are countless ways in which your body may tell you you're pregnant. Here are some of the most common early signs of pregnancy:

  • Nausea, vomiting and/or food aversions
  • Unusual new food cravings
  • Frequent urination
  • New pelvic heaviness or other sensations
  • Tender, swollen or tingly breasts
  • Darkening of areola (area around the nipples)
  • Fatigue/sleepiness

    Unfortunately, not all women experience pregnancy in the same way. One expectant mom may have every symptom in the book, while another might not even realize she's pregnant because she doesn't feel one thing out of the ordinary, and yet another will fall somewhere in between or have a completely different symptom. So how symptomatic will you be? There's just no way of knowing.

    Kelly W., a hopeful mom-to-be in Indianapolis, Indiana says, "Every time I experience something somewhat out of the ordinary, I check all of my pregnancy books to see if that's a symptom. 'Oh, my eye twitched - is that a symptom?'" She's not alone. Particularly if you have really strong hopes for or feelings about pregnancy, some symptoms may be imagined, or the most minor symptom could seem magnified. In the midst of it all, try to keep some perspective. As Kelly W adds, "No matter whether I am pregnant or definitely losing my mind, I can always laugh about it later."

    5) Don't let the mind games begin
    Although it's wise to know the signs of pregnancy, sometimes, that knowledge can make you imagine symptoms. "I totally believe that you can trick yourself into feeling pregnant... I know that I have done it myself, and it seems like everyone I know has, too," says hopeful mom Kathy L. "If you become fixated on every little twinge you feel and getting pregnant is all you can think about, it's amazing what your subconscious mind can do to you!"

    6) Find support
    Throughout your pregnancy, you will benefit from the support, understanding and encouragement of women who are going through the same things you are. Even now on our message boards, you will find countless other women trying to conceive with whom you can share your hopes, questions and talk about symptoms you might be experiencing. Says Rachel, the mother of one who lives in Boston, "I counted down the days until I could take the test with the other 'ladies in waiting.' As the big day came closer, I would check in to see who took the test already or to see who got their periods and were going to try again the next cycle. Whenever someone did get a positive result, it was always exciting!"

    The support of others can also be invaluable, since they're sometimes the only ones who really understand. Hopeful mom Bekah posted a message saying, "I talked to my partner about it all last night, and he threatened to give up trying to conceive if I didn't stop obsessing... I guess I'll just have to use the boards for my outlet."

    7) Distract yourself
    Sometimes women are so consumed with trying to conceive, it's hard to think of anything else. But after ovulation has occurred and your window of opportunity has passed, there's little you can do to change the outcome. We know it's hard, but you'll be doing yourself a favor if you could just try to distract yourself from your quest.

    Here are ten ideas for you:

    1. Pamper yourself: Do your nails, get fancy body lotions.
    2. Get spiritual: Pray, meditate or otherwise get in touch with your divine self.
    3. Read: Books, magazines, anything that interests you!
    4. Get involved in a hobby: Write, sew, knit, draw, paint.
    5. Watch movies: Subscribe to a movie channel or rent/borrow movies.
    6. Learn: Read up on pregnancy, or study a completely unrelated topic that's always fascinated you: ancient history, French, geography, art, horse racing.
    7. Volunteer: Find a cause you support and find out what you can do to help someone less fortunate.
    8. Make lists: List things to do when you're finally pregnant, things to do if you're not yet pregnant, baby name ideas, future home improvement projects, life goals.
    9. Write letters: Catch up on correspondence to friends, family, or write notes to your baby.
    10. Keep a journal: Chronicle your life in writing or on audio or video tape.

    8) Think positive
    Pregnancy doesn't always happen right away, and we won't tell you that this time won't be frustrating. But, as countless women can tell you, whether it takes weeks, months or years to finally achieve pregnancy, it's well worth the wait.

    With luck, you'll be looking at a positive pregnancy test in no time! And if it doesn't happen this month, try to think positive. Have faith and hope... but be ready to try, try

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    i had ovulation on June 19th and i still haven't got my period and i took another ovulation test it was positive what does that mean.
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