Fun And Creative Ways To Tell Everyone You're Pregnant

Ever since you were a little girl, you knew you wanted to be a mommy -- and now it's your turn to tell the world you're going to be one! So after the pregnancy test comes back positive, why not make this special time in your life memorable by finding out about some creative ways other parents announced the miracle to friends and relatives?
Jennifer Newton Reents

When it comes to sharing the happy news for the first time, early ultrasound images always come in handy -- even if your baby looks like a little peanut, chances are your friends and relatives will figure it out.

"I had an ultrasound to confirm my pregnancy, and the doctor sent me home with my son's first baby picture," says Shelly Zeck, of Anaheim, California. "He was merely a black and white dot of six weeks on thermo paper, but I placed it in a card with a note saying, 'You may not see the family resemblance yet, but you will in about nine months,' and gave it to my parents. Once they figured out what they were looking at, they were ecstatic."

After suffering two miscarriages, Laura Hunter Koch in Pecatonica, Illinois, couldn't believe she was pregnant. She left the video of her ultrasound in the VCR with the words "Play Me" for her husband to view. To Laura's amazement, after watching the video, she explained that her big, tough husband grabbed her around the waist, put his head to her stomach and sobbed.

What is it?
Kathryn Makeever in Ottawa, Illinois, says that she gave her saxophone-playing husband a Valentine's card with the positive pregnancy test tucked inside. He took a look at the test and asked, "Is this stick a new kind of reed for my saxophone?"

Sandie also took a home pregnancy test and was delighted to see it return a positive result. "When my husband came home for lunch, he reached for his vitamins (which I had placed near his plate) and found the home test. He wasn't aware of what it was until he turned it over and saw the windows. He asked me what it meant. I told him the instructions were under his plate. He took one look at them and said to me, 'You're pregnant?'"

Getting Cryptic
Sometimes, the most creative methods require a few moments of thought before the meaning is understood!

Coffee lover Katie Gustafsson of Eskilstuna, Sweden, used her passion for coffee to help her tell her husband they were expecting. "When we had been talking about getting pregnant, Mikael and I had discussed [how] I would have to give [coffee] up once I became pregnant and how difficult that would be," she says. When she saw the test result was positive, Gustafsson called her husband at work and asked him to bring a jar of decaf coffee home. "It took a minute or two, but then he yelled, 'Are we pregnant?'"

In Banner Elk, North Carolina, April Patterson and her husband work together. After arriving home from a bad day at the office, he opened a box from his wife with a pacifier inside and replied, "What? Are you trying to say I've been a baby at work?"

Grand news
Mom-to-be Kelly wanted to do something creative when telling the future grandparents the happy news. She bought some baby stickers and plain frames with a wide border and decorated the frame borders with baby stickers. Then they wrote a note on the inside of the frame with the baby's due date. "We wrapped them, and when our parents opened them, we said we'd have a picture for them to put inside the frame in about nine months. It was a great surprise!"

First-time mom Amy also couldn't wait to tell her mom about her first grandchild. "I called her up and chitchatted for a while, then I said, 'Well, Grammy, I don't know how to tell you this...' She screamed and threw the phone across the room, came back giggling and gasping for air -- very excited. It was perfect!"

Cheryl Conner and her husband couldn't wait to tell their parents the news. "For the grandmas (great-grandmas-to-be) we got some kiddy frames with balloons, clowns, etc. around the edges, and put in a 'picture' that read 'Watch this spot for photo of Baby Conner coming in July!'," says Conner, of Eureka, California. "It still took one of my grandmas a little while to get it, but the look on their faces and the rest of the gathered family was great."

A perfect holiday gift
If you happen to be in the first trimester of your pregnancy around a holiday, you've got it made! There are numerous ways to tie sharing your news into the holidays.

Kirstyn Jones, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and her husband Justin "told" their relatives they were expecting on Christmas morning. "We bought a pacifier, bib, and teething ring and wrapped them all in the same wrapping paper. After all the gifts under the tree were unwrapped, we said we had one last gift for everyone," says Jones. "We handed out the three gifts -- one for my mother, one for my grandparents, and one for my cousin and her husband -- and had them all open them at the same time. My mother already knew, but played along; my grandparents 'didn't get it,' and my cousin was screaming at the top of her lungs, jumping up and down, hugging me... My mother was trying to explain the 'gifts' to my 'hard of hearing' grandparents by saying she was going to be a grandma while my cousin was yelling as loud as she could, making a huge scene. It was hilarious! Mass confusion. My husband was just standing off to the side snapping away a roll of film."

Betty Bridgman of Stanford, Kentucky, wanted to tell her family at Thanksgiving when all the relatives were together, but doing so meant she would be nearly five months pregnant. "For my family, we had my grandfather say the blessing before the meal -- we had let him in on it just minutes before -- and say something about 'the start of the fourth generation,' considering our child was going to be the first grandchild/great-grandchild," she says. "It was an amazing day for us all. My grandfather had had a heart attack a few months before, so there were many things we were thankful for."

Easter was the perfect time for Ann Fetters to share the news. "We told my mother-in-law on Easter. I gave her a little Easter basket with a chocolate bunny in it," says Fetters, of Wichita, Kansas. "Then we told her to look closer in the grass. Underneath I had buried a pacifier!"

If you are going to a wedding of a close friend or relative, you might ask them if you can bring an extra guest. That's what Gael Young of Vancouver, British Columbia, did to tell her sister she was going to be an aunt. "I thought she would be upset by the suggestion, but she was very calm," Young says. "When I told her that she wouldn't need to include [the guest] in the seating arrangement for the reception, and she didn't need to order an extra meal, my sister got very quiet. Then she suddenly burst out screaming, 'Oh my God! You're pregnant!'"

News by proxy
Still having trouble coming up with a cool way to tell them about your baby? Well, you could always let someone else do it for you. Andy Cohen, who works for Applemania Singing Telegrams and Balloons in Seattle, Washington, knows a thing or two about spreading the news. A couple in Texas once hired him to visit the husband's parents in North Seattle.

"They sent me out dressed as our 'Big Baby,' which is just what it sounds like," Cohen says. "It is not that easy to find diapers to fit a 33-year-old man. The grandparents were cautious at first about opening their door to me, which I can certainly understand. Once they understood what was happening, they started to cry. They smiled and thanked me and asked me to stay for some pictures, which of course I did. I left feeling special and privileged to have been part of such a special moment in someone's family. It was one of the most unforgettable singing telegrams of my very silly career."

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