Bleeding Should Be Checked By Your Healthcare Provider.

If you experience vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, the first thing you probably feel is fear: you worry you will lose the baby. There are, however, many reasons you might see blood, and Obstetrician/Gynecologist David Barrere tells you about some of the causes.
David Barrere, MD

Your question
I have experienced vaginal bleeding twice during this pregnancy, but the baby is doing fine. What could be causing this? - Michele, Texas

The expert answers
There are many possible causes of bleeding during pregnancy, including the onset of labor, miscarriage and placental abruption (abruptio placentae), the term for premature separation of the placenta from the uterine wall.

Some other sources of bleeding include, but are not limited to, the following:

Implantation bleeding occurs when a blastocyst (early embryo) attaches to the lining of the uterus (endometrium), fingers of cells called the synciotrophoblasts burrow into the wall of the uterus in order to tap into a blood supply. This can result in spotting as the placenta is formed. Implantation bleeding is also called Hartman's sign, a potentially early sign of pregnancy, but not very many women get it.

Cervical varicosities (varicose veins of the cervix) can develop and become a problem. These vessels are very delicate and even limited activity levels can result in bleeding. In some women, "pelvic rest," i.e. no intercourse, is recommended for the duration of pregnancy.

Infections or cervicitis (such as trichomonas, bacterial vaginosis, Chlamydia, gonorrhea) can cause the cervix to become very friable (soft) and bleed. Screening for infection is often necessary in women who complain of bleeding.

Trauma means that during intercourse, the cervix can become "traumatized" by the penis and cause small blood vessels on the surface of the cervix to crack open and bleed. This is usually self-limiting and very mild. Trauma might also occur after a medical exam during which the cervix is checked.

Premature dilation, when an incompetent cervix prematurely starts to dilate (usually around 20 weeks), can result in bleeding. Also, premature labor/preterm labor (PTL) can result in bleeding if the cervix dilates. Obviously, with this condition, contractions accompany the bleeding. With an incompetent cervix, only pelvic or abdominal pressure is encountered

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Kayleigh March 27, 2013
I started bleeding yesterday. At first it was only enough to notice when i wiped so i went to A&E. i had the precautionary tests done and i thought i was around 7 weeks but during the internal scan, no evidence of a pregnancy was found in ny womb at all! So the nurse thinks i may only be a few weeks. I need to go back for a 2nd blood test to determine if i am misscarrying or still pregnant. Im not sure how to feel as ive had 7 misscarriages already and examinations have come back inconclusive as to why it keeps happening. This is different to anybother i have had though! All the others were a lot of blood containing clots and i had a lot of pain. This one is slowly getting heavier and darker and only the occassional cramp! Im wondering if this time im not misscarrying and is it down to BV? I had BV a couple of months ago and was treated but went back as the smell was still there but the nurse said she cant treat me again because i would become used to the antibiotics and it would no longer work if it reoccured. So its been untreated and now im pregnant a month later and going through this. Any professional advice would be great, im 22years old and cant handle this stress anymore!
annabelle appiagyei March 15, 2013
i'm 3 week pregnant and spoted bleed this morning