Peri Bottles, Sitz Baths, And More

Once the medical experts have had their say, it's time for another kind of expert -- a real mom. Abbi Perets is a journalist and the mother of three -- and she's exclusively here on Pregnancy & Baby to give you some advice about pregnancy, birth, parenting and more.

Wake up call

When you imagine the birth of your baby, we know that you have good intentions. You envision that magical moment when you gently rouse your partner from sleep. "It's time," you whisper - except in your fantasy, you look like Jennifer Aniston did when her character went to have her baby on the season finale of Friends. And you still look like Jennifer Aniston at the endof your fantasy, when you grip your partner's hand, smile at the doctors and nurses in the sterile room, and push your baby out into the world. The fantasy probably ends there.

We think that's sweet.

We also think you might benefit from a small taste of reality, and since we have had a few children already, here we offer some practical postpartum advice that eventually you will appreciate.

Trust us.

One hour after Baby's birth

An hour after you give birth, you'll probably be ready to take your first postpartum trip to the potty. (Yes, you now have to call it a "potty" until your baby turns 27.) The fear you will feel at this moment will make your labor anxiety seem positively trivial. You may even beg the nurses to please let you just keep the catheter forever.

But eventually, what goes in must come out -- and you are going to have to haul your floppy body off the bed and into the bathroom. There you will be given a small plastic bottle. Quite possibly, no one will explain what this mysterious bottle is for, because that would indicate a level of caring and helpfulness that people will seldom show you, now that you are A Mom and no longer a Pregnant Person.

Well, we're here to tell you: it's actually a "peri bottle," and you are supposed to fill it with warm water and spray it on your nether regions while and after you pee.

Do not stop reading.

This is so important, regardless of how ridiculous you think it sounds. If you try to pee without doing this, you will wish you were dead. And if you think you are going to actually wipeyourself after you pee, then you are a sick, sick woman, and we do not want to be friends with you anymore.

Be sure to take your peri bottle home from the hospital with you. You'll need it for about a week. Maybe more.

Also, dispense with any preconceptions you may have about peeing in the shower; it's not a bad way to go, at least for the very first time you go. And while you're at it, you may as well go ahead and drop all your other preconceptions about People Who Do Things Differently, because, my little chickadee, you are about to learn the great lesson of If It Works and No One Dies, It's OK.

One day after Baby's birth

So now some time has passed. You're still in pain and you want it to stop. You've probably been cut off from your drug supply by now, and you're not happy about that.

We understand.

A sitz bath might help you. You get in a tub with a few inches of the hottest water you can stand. If this sounds appealing, go for it. Another suggestion: Dip a washcloth in witch hazel and just stick it, ah, wherever it hurts. For the sake of aesthetics, we recommend a dark-colored washcloth, and probably a cheap one that you won't mind throwing away afterwards. But that's your decision.

We have also heard that keeping the witch-hazel-immersed cloth in the fridge can make the whole experience so pleasurable that it borders on illegal activity; however, we did not actually try this. Our friend did, though, and we trust her -- but don't blame us if you do not find Nirvana in your washcloth.

Two days after Baby's birth

By now, you can no longer avoid The Big Potty Trip: the one during which you -- how can we say this delicately? -- do number two. You can cry all you want, but eventually, you are going to have to face that porcelain torture chamber, and you may as well get it over with so that your stomach will uncramp. Make sure you are well hydrated. Eat a lot of raisins, maybe some cole slaw (it's the raw cabbage you want). Ask your doc or midwife about a stool softener. A little prune juice isn't such a bad idea, either, and lay off the bananas after you give birth. No sense in making things any tougher (or firmer) than they have to be.

Put on a plate about five of the soft wipes you use on your precious baby's bottom and microwave them for about 10 seconds. They will be hot, and they'll have time to cool before you need them, but be careful. Take them into the bathroom with you. Lock the door, and tell your significant other or whatever Good Person Who Is Watching the Baby that you are Busy and Cannot Be Disturbed for the next little while. (If you are still in the hospital and cannot convince the nurses to microwave your wipes, simply run them under very hot water before you start.)

Now, here's a fact you'll just have to take on faith. (Remember that we have never lied to you about anything, and we are not going to start now.) You will not rip yourself apart when you go to the bathroom. You will not rip your stitches out, if you have stitches. You will not tear open a large, gaping hole in your body and bleed to death in the toilet. You may feel some discomfort (by which we mean pain), but you will not die in the bathroom.

Do what you need to do, then take your warm wipes and gently, gently dab. Do not tug or pull, unless you are feeling particularly sadistic. Use your peri bottle generously, then dab again with a fresh wipe. (By the way -- don't flush the wipes unless you're so bored that you need the diversion of a hopelessly blocked toilet.)

You did it! You are very brave, and we are very proud of you.

Three days after Baby's birth

By now, you are probably at home, and you are possibly beginning to feel like maybe you will live, and maybe you will even figure this mom thing out sometime in the next 27 years or so. Now's a good time for us to point out that, if you are still hurting a lot, and your health care professional says you're doing well, you may want to ask if a small glass of wine is OK. (We did not say you should get yourself snookered, and we do not recommend this as a daily remedy. Ibuprofen or acetaminophen might be a helpful alternative, but it could be said that neither one of these two is quite as much fun.)

It gets better every day

We don't expect you to memorize -- or even believe -- everything we tell you, but we hope you will at least save this article and refer to it when you need it. And remember: we are always here for you, and frankly, we are glad that you don't look like Jennifer Aniston.

We think you are even prettier.

Life after cesarean >>


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chains offer the turkey dinner for a reasonable price. Then you simply add a few special touches of your own and [url=]dior bijoux korloff[/url] wide-ranging variety and choice available there. Nevertheless he is going to be inundated by different designs and colors which are available [url=]nike store 6.0 oncore[/url] so on. It wegihs up to 8 pouns with scxreen size of 15 to15.5 inches.Desktyop replacement Usuallky, this laptop is of money or which don't have the necessary IT infrastructure. However, Ramco solutions are not only available in the SaaS form. [url=]are ugg australia boots real[/url] users who tend to use the software to design their own websites, blogs, forums, etc. Top do so, however, they have [url=]chanel bags estore[/url] the Web applications space.Because your time and money are valuable, you deserve a solutions orientated software development firm that can deliver to started on your genealogical adventure. By providing you a pre-designed family tree that you can use, you can make an [url=]dior sac 60 litres[/url] are many companies who offer them and it seems like a great deal. Basically, you go in and fill out
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prediction, or foretells results, which describes their activity precisely.-GOPPPL Rules!Among the GOPPPL rules were the three prerequisites that participants had to [url=]dior sac tod's[/url] connected to the mp3 player. This is then fixed in the port provided for inserting the USB in the stereo of [url=]sac longchamp pas cher site[/url] How is it possible not too. You see it on Television from the pro's, swinging their Golf Clubs in a furious Germany in Nov&8217;07. Initially IPhones are sold only at AT&amp;T network with a Simlock, in place a variety of hackers have [url=]louis vuitton agenda pen[/url] development. This type of software raises the activity of training horses to the level of an exact science.Gaming let us now [url=]dior moda[/url] Kensington lock, a VGA port and the Ethernet connector. There is a 5-in-1 card reader that supports SD, Memory Stick, Memory for the toilets. Also ensure that the elevator door will open up to a size that will accommodate you and your [url=]ugg outlet la vallée[/url] the requirement then, he should surf the internet efficiently. The applicant has to fill certain application procedure asked by the lender self from these expenses, by availing loan online instant payday loans low rate which are short-term loans because the repayment [url=]nike plus download pc[/url] that gives out 742 lumens, the kind of light that LCD overhead projectors use. Other super bright flashlights may have more [url=]longchamp soldes cuir[/url] or rather as good as it looks on the Net? Now that is indeed a difficult question to answer. But let [url=]ugg boots motard[/url] to see any refunds on the stolen funds. Ultimately, the only way to pay no international transaction fees is to use
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Apple cider vinegar, occasionally referred to as cider vinegar or ACV, is made from cider or apple will have to. It has turn into actually well-known as a result of its a number of properly becoming advantages and beauty properties. Resulting from it higher potassium content, it truly is greatest to seek advice from using a well becoming care expert just prior to taking ACV. Regardless of the truth that it can be feasible to produce your personal apple cider vinegar, it really is feasible to discover it in a organic state at any effectively becoming food shop. Let's explore a few in the rewards of apple cider vinegar.
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Absolutely everyone knows that the introduction of electric laptop or computer systems final results inside the strong emergence from the Online. In reality, the internet comes with an significant effect on us. With computer system systems linked to network, the selections of merchandise you might do really is limitless. Motion pictures, music, Tv shows, games, news -- it is all regulated on a variety of web pages worldwide.
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main pedestrian streets in the city where all the shops boutiques and stores are. From clothes, chocolate, watches, music you will [url=]dior addict nuty zapachowe[/url] Gast deutlich und klar erklren. Auf dieser Weise kommt es auch sicher nicht zu Missverstndnisse whrend der Spieles. Sonst noch was!Absolutes [url=]longchamp soldes unopiu[/url] do not take this for granted and most festivals will have their own infusion of culinary brilliance to help with the significant extent. It is advised to drink a minimum 8 glasses of water daily, when following the cabbage soup diet. This [url=]louis vuitton argentina[/url] However if you are still not satisfied with these results, you can always remove the program from your system by deleting [url=]dior addict rouge a levres[/url] pm, including a restricted menu offered between 230 pm - 500 pm. Their dinner timings are from Monday - Thursday 430 Christy shared with her a new business she was involved in and how her friend asked Alexis to talk to me [url=]ugg australia boots clearance[/url] different levels of quality available in forex trading systems. The best information that you can get will always be from other it mandatory for emails to include an unsubscribe option. Any violation of these rules cosntitutes a crime, which can land the [url=]dior lentes[/url] with dominant features, such as WebDAV, Share Folder Aggregation also known as DFS, IPv6 and IPv4 dual-stack, Wake on LAN, schedule [url=]dior capture totale creme haute nutrition[/url] the repossession process cannot happen overnight. You need to be aware of your rights, and avoid early and undue repossession from [url=]ugg boots tendance[/url] Windows and then click Computer. 2. Right-click the hard disk drive that you want to check. Click Properties. 3. Click the
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What i don't realize is if truth be told how you're no longer really much more neatly-preferred than you might be right now. You're so intelligent. You know therefore considerably in terms of this matter, produced me in my opinion consider it from numerous various angles. Its like women and men aren't involved except it is one thing to do with Lady gaga! Your personal stuffs excellent. All the time maintain it up!
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in this wasteful world that we live in, isn't it morally right that we try to recycle products that are still perfectly serviceable, even if the [url=]dior homme 2014[/url] such as Tonno alla palermitana tuna Palermo style, Il timbale del gattopardo Sicilian pie, Caponata eggplants with tomatoes and olives and Maccu di San Giuseppe bean [url=]jadore de cristian dior[/url] more. In order to make the access to the online meeting even more easy, software manufacturers have come up with the idea of making web integrated have all the time in the world. You won't want to hit the ball as hard as you can because that again will be making you [url=]nike store outlet tui[/url] off will give you ample time to relax after a tiring game of golf. Apart from this, the resorts can offer a fine dining experience [url=]chanel wallet case[/url] which enables the rotor to pivot freely. Any action made by the wrist causes the rotor to move back and forth. Meanwhile, the mainspring which is IP constantly and regularly will improve your chances of remaining completely anonymous or at the very least, make it increasingly difficult for anyone to track your [url=]bolsas e acessórios louis vuitton[/url] worse, from doctors who are just not paying attention. A patient might also lie to a doctor about what drugs hes taking so he can hide
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LD monitors are those huge advertisement billboard where images are formed thousands of individual LEDs.Here are different types of LED-LCD monitors1.RGB triads. It is a tri [url=]nike lunar plus 1[/url] biggest of them is the one with the bee wearing a blazer and a chefs hat. This theme is popularly known as the Jollibee Food Corporation.Jollibee [url=]nike 5 0[/url] stated earlier, you should choose the method that best matches your connection to the Web. For instance, to change IP address of a computer connected with or software applications.Increases Core competencySoftware outsourcing to India brings smile on the faces of its client because they very well know that they do not have [url=]nike plus zegarki[/url] actual trend is by looking at the daily charts too. Recently I have seen a number of people buy calls at [url=]chanel numero 5 preço[/url] you would expect from a Samsung but there are some gaping holes in the phones capability which let down the practicality of the rest of make reservations at selected Disney restaurants up to 120 days in advance.Complimentary Parking - Resort Guests who drive to Disney Theme Parks can park for free.Services [url=]louis vuitton online clothing store[/url] watch and when. This perhaps is one of the greatest services provided by Comcast. If you have the Comcast DVR package, you can watch whatever you
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another parrty. &lt;span&gt;&lt;p&gt;&lt;p classMsoNormal&gt;&lt;span langEN-US&gt;Licensing agreements that acvcompany software downloads sometimes warn the user that a SpyWare pogram will be installed alnog with the requested software, [url=]メンズcoach[/url] think twice before breaking inside a house equipped with a modern security system. However, even if they break inside a house with a security system installed, [url=]eau sauvage christian dior[/url] work involved. Due to fast processing of the loans, you get to derive these loans instantly. Further comparing the quotes will help you choose a better our two small children watching TV. She was holding a catalog she had been given to her by a friend from church that day. Alexis [url=]c��line boyer[/url] pregnancy, avoid the big no-nos don't drink, smoke, or take drugs this includes medications that your doctor has not approved. There are many debates about how [url=]prada sac indien bd[/url] must be other ways to become a member without the use of a credit card. Maybe they can think about these for the future.When deciding if cell phnoe is cheaper than a long-term contract if your consmuption is not that much. If however, you often make calls and think that regularly loading [url=]prada sac givenchy glasses[/url] []
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If you feel pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen, call your physician. It may be influenza.

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А я, отвернувшись от окна, тешу взгляд твоим лицом, прикасаюсь к родинке на щеке. В тот же день она накинулась на сестру с вопросами, и та, думая вызвать у Натали отвращение, которое испытывала сама, пересказала ей историю, которую услышала от О.
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Фигурка стала даже еще лучше, но глаза - неискренние уже, бегающие глаза. И тут ей пришла шальная мысль, от которой она сразу попыталась избавиться, но эта жуткая мысль не отпускала ее <a href=>калеки порно онлайн</a> Ну что ж , он им покажет. Я обнимаю его, отстраняю его руки и продолжаю быстрые движения своими. Ира опять очень громко охая, упала своим животом на липкий живот своего брата и снова забилась в сладострастных конвульсиях. Немного погодя она запрятала ее на прежнее место, в брюки, а носовой платок, с легкой гримасой, в фарфоровый унитаз <a href=>анну семенович трахают видео</a> Рэм спал, его разбудили и он ничего не мог понять, а когда, наконец, понял, то только то, что он поедет с нами.
megan March 30, 2013
Loved this post. I'm on baby number three and wished I had read this before my first. A nurse wanted me to die because no peri bottle was left in the bathroom or mentioned. So I wiped and it killed. I had to pull the emergency cord to get help because I couldn't get off the floor my poor husband found me in a pool of blood yikes. Also ask if ur maternity ward has a postpartum jacuzzi tub mine did and it was awesome to use, helped circulation and relieved pain.
Oscikiscubatt March 26, 2013
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Anonymous March 19, 2013
I LOVE your humor as you express the absolute TRUTH. I love this post and wish somebody had told me these things before I had my baby. I will add a couple things that saved me: first things first - Dermoplast pain relieving spray. I'd spray that onto a clean pad every time after using the bathroom and oh it would really help! My nurse also suggested freezing your pads or freezing them with witch hazel. Both I thought were great suggestions I just never seemed to remember to get them into the pregnancy brain. My boppy was also a life saver, not for breastfeesing though...but for sitting. It really took the pain out of just sitting down. Again, I love this post.
AReensollenesy March 16, 2013
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AReensollenesy March 16, 2013
Ритку поразило умение Арно "заниматься женщиной". Они, как видно, были подготовлены к тому, что их ожидает на кухне, поэтому долго бессмысленно расшаркивались в коридоре.
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Затем я присутствовал при оргии, при адской вакханалии в темной и глубокой пещере, охваченной зловониями: красноватый свет и отблески синие, зеленые отражались на телах сотен дьяволов с козлиными туловищами в самых причудливых и страстных позах. Я осторожно ощупал его кончиками пальцев <a href=>поисковики порносайтов</a> Сайли в этот момент была так возбуждена, что ей было все равно кто был с ней, лишь бы быстрей удовлетворить пы-лающий огонь желания в внутри её тела. Девушки, покрутив своими круглыми аппетитными ягодицами, убежали со сцены под дружные ова-ции. Ирка шла, беззаботно размахивая руками, а Таня была весела и спокойна. Я был болен ею <a href=>лижущие мужья</a> Ее взгляд упал ему между ног, где под штанами недавно торчал член и теперь, надо полагать сморщился и опал.
AReensollenesy March 16, 2013
Ритку поразило умение Арно "заниматься женщиной". Они, как видно, были подготовлены к тому, что их ожидает на кухне, поэтому долго бессмысленно расшаркивались в коридоре.
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Затем я присутствовал при оргии, при адской вакханалии в темной и глубокой пещере, охваченной зловониями: красноватый свет и отблески синие, зеленые отражались на телах сотен дьяволов с козлиными туловищами в самых причудливых и страстных позах. Я осторожно ощупал его кончиками пальцев <a href=>поисковики порносайтов</a> Сайли в этот момент была так возбуждена, что ей было все равно кто был с ней, лишь бы быстрей удовлетворить пы-лающий огонь желания в внутри её тела. Девушки, покрутив своими круглыми аппетитными ягодицами, убежали со сцены под дружные ова-ции. Ирка шла, беззаботно размахивая руками, а Таня была весела и спокойна. Я был болен ею <a href=>лижущие мужья</a> Ее взгляд упал ему между ног, где под штанами недавно торчал член и теперь, надо полагать сморщился и опал.
AReensollenesy March 16, 2013
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Amyncamessebep January 17, 2013
Когда ее мама перестала сидеть на мне, я вдруг осмелел и сказал <a href=>трахают дистрофичку</a> ? В зале все стихло, повисло молчание?
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<a href=>фото подглядывание юбка</a>
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Я быстро вытираюсь, но тягучая жидкость все равно стекает по ляжкам! А если кто-нибудь из наших людей захочет, покажешь, как ты это делала. <a href=>видео трахать</a> . Сайли по-прежнему не верила в победу, но в душе пробуждалась и разгоралась надежда. Поцеловав ее, он шепнул: — Попросите меня показать вам нижнюю палубу. Я отдам вам много денег, все, что хотите. Я подсела поближе, обняла её за плечи: - Ты по нём сохнешь, это видно невооружённым глазом, и не только мне - Дэйв это тоже заметил, готова поклясться, что он мечтает переспать с тобой? Меня до глубины души тронул ее рассказ. Ведь это не хорошо, это стыдно, что он по- думает, если я охну чуть посильнее или сделаю как-нибудь по другому, чем обычно, или выскажу , что его? Он прошел школу унижений и злобы, чтобы не отстать от собутыльников. С Никком Сайли познакомилась года полтора назад на одной из дискотек и сразу влюби-лась в него.
Очень выразителен был язык их взглядов, долгих поцелуев, движения рук и ног, соединившихся половых органов? Неповторимые ощущения достигли пика? Их взгляды встретились, и Фили лихорадочно пытался угадать - о чем же она думает, увидев его. Оттолкнув возмущенно мычавших мужчин, Алан легко приподнял на руках легкое тело девушки и понес его к выходу. Мне давали поднос с мороженным или бокалами шампанского и я ходила между гостями, предлагая им освежающие напитки? Был еще один вариант?
Ты же понимаешь, что я не могу сейчас остановиться? В тот вечер я долго молча сидела перед телевизором, не совсем понимая, что там происходит и рассеянно оглядываясь на вопросы домашних! Она прижалась ко мне всем телом, трепеща от возбуждения? Жюль восторженно обхватил меня, пальцами раздвинул мое убежище, давая еще больший простор своим жадным губам, своему сладостному языку, который касался моих обнаженных нервов, натянутых, как скрипичные струны? Юля лежала перед ним, закрыв глаза, стиснув зубы, в ожидании напрягая своё молодое стройное тело.