Just Desserts For Being Such A Good Sport

Here are some ideas for prizes and other neat ideas for you to consider the next time you throw a baby shower!
Betsy Bailey

When it comes to prizes, feel free to keep it simple. Most people don't come to the shower for the games and prizes, but a nice token when you win a game is a fun reward. Some simple ideas that usually go over well:
  • Candles (scented votives are nice)
  • Blank journal
  • Potpourri/herbs
  • Small basket or vase
  • Small picture frame
  • Candy jar
  • Small box of fancy chocolates
  • Blank note cards
  • Bath treats, gift soaps or lotions

Guest book
Purchase a bound journal or diary for the guest of honor -- one about 5 x 7 inches is perfect. Throughout the party, have each guest sign in with their name and a short messages. When the mom-to-be is opening the gifts, someone can record the gifts in the journal, and at the end of the party, there will still be room to hold cards, photographs and other mementos of the day.

Disposable cameras
Purchase a few disposable cameras and ask guests to take turns taking photos of the party. This takes the burden of picture-taking off of the hostess or any one guest, and the expectant mother will be sure to have plenty of photos to choose from for her baby book.

Instant cameras
Take photos at the party with a Polaroid or other instant camera, and give everyone a labeled photo of them with the guest of honor! (If you're feeling really energetic, create labels in advance with the date and name of the mom-to-be.)

Thank you notes
We are all pressed for time and it can be particularly crazy when a baby is on the way. A nice gesture which saves the expectant mom the time and energy looking up addresses is to buy enough thank you notes for all of the guests. During the party, have each guest address their own envelope and then collect them and present them to the mom.

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