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You want to be as prepared as possible for your birth. If you're planning a hospital or birth center birth, what should you bring with you? Pregnancy & Baby offers this handy checklist - you browse what other moms have brought with them, and pick and choose what you want and need. Print it off, and you have your packing list!
Nancy & Betsy

On the plan below, all section headings are checked by default. If you do not select any of the options underneath a particular heading (and keep the blank boxes clear), uncheck the heading box in order to avoid having a spare heading with no additional text.

When you're done, press the "create" button at the end of the page! Save the finished checklist to your hard drive as a .htm or .html file or print it out. (Just made the plan and need to make changes? Use your browser's BACK button.)

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Checklist title:
Labor Bag Checklist
Hospital Bag Checklist
For the Hospital
Birth Bag
Font face:
Times New Roman
Arial, Helvetica
Trebuchet MS

Admission forms/papers
Baby name book
Camera and/or video camera
Change for the phone/phone card
Extra batteries/battery pack
Film and tapes
Gift for a sibling
Health insurance card
Portable phone
Pregnancy/birth reference book
Additional items: 
Additional items: 

For labor:
Birth ball
Birth plan
Facecloth from home (colored, so it doesn't get into hospital laundry)
Focal point
Hot water bottle
Lollipops and hard candy (for dry mouth)
Lotion and/or powder (for massage)
Massage/aromatherapy oils
Tennis balls (for back massage)
Watch or stopwatch (with a second hand for timing contractions)
Additional items: 
Additional items: 

Comforts of home:
Small cooler with drinks and snacks
Tape/CD Player
Extra pillow/s (colored pillowcase, so it doesn't get into hospital laundry)
Additional items: 
Additional items: 

For your partner:
Change of clothes
Reading material
Additional items: 
Additional items: 

After birth:
Address Book
Baby Book
Thank you cards/notes
Large bag to bring home gifts and hospital supplies
Phone number list
Additional items: 
Additional items: 

Loose, comfortable outfits
Nursing bras
Nursing pads
Thick socks
Additional items: 
Additional items: 

Personal care:
Body soap
Contact lens case/lens supplies
Dental floss
Facial soap
Hairbands (ponytail holders)
Lip salve/chapstick
Mouthwash/breath mints
Prescription medications you're taking
Additional items: 
Additional items: 

For Baby:
Approved carseat
Diapers for the trip home
Going-home outfit
Recieving blankets
Additional items: 
Additional items: 

Note: All section headings are checked by default. If you do not select any of the options underneath a particular heading (and keep the blank boxes clear), uncheck the heading box in order to avoid having a spare heading with no additional

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Kris May 03, 2013
After clicking on "create this checklist" I get the following message:

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Anonymous April 10, 2013
This checklist does not work on any platform that I've tried. And this is also the best way for me to not waste paper with huge lists that have lots of things I don't want/need on them. VERY FRUSTRATING! I tried 2 other checklists and they worked fine. PLEASE FIX.
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Marie March 14, 2013
doesn't work- tried two different browsers.
Roxana Moran February 22, 2013
here you go :) evelyn!