Not All Sports Are Safe, But Is This One?

Not all sports are safe enough for you to play while pregnant. Lisa Stone, an ACE-certified Pre-and Post-Natal Fitness Instructor, offers her advice to a mom who wants to know if playing touch football is playing it safe.
Lisa Stone

Your question
I love to play sports, and I just discovered that I am pregnant (5-6 weeks). Is it okay to play a game or two of touch football, or is that too much of a risk? - Kelley in Dallas, Texas

The expert answers

Touch football can get pretty rough, so it's not a sport I'd recommend during pregnancy. Your main goal is to grow a healthy baby -- why take a risk of injuring yourself or your baby?

I'd rather see you switch to other non-contact sports such as tennis, or individual physical activities such as biking, running or race walking, aerobics, or doing drills on your own for your favorite sports so you don't lose your skills.

The nine months of your pregnancy will go by quickly, and then there will be time to play all the touch football you desire -- I bet your baby will be your biggest fan!

Lisa :)

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