Betsy Bailey Monday: Relaxed and happy People really start getting a little strange when you get to 37+ weeks! Upon finding out...
Betsy Bailey

Monday: Relaxed and happy
People really start getting a little strange when you get to 37+ weeks! Upon finding out how close I am to delivery, many people seem to fear that my waters may break explosively right there in front of them. Amazingly enough, I'm not getting too anxious myself yet. I surprised by how much more relaxed I am this time compared to with Hannah Mac. Looking back over my pregnancy journal with HM, I was getting pretty stressed out at this point. For me, I think part of it is the immense relief of knowing already that my body is capable of going into labor spontaneously. I had so much VBAC stress last time that it is one major less worry. And I'm still fairly comfortable (probably in large part because I'm so relaxed emotionally), so don't feel any real urgency about having the baby NOW.

Over the weekend, we attended something called a progressive dinner. It's a very fun, if terribly inefficient way, to have a dinner party. My moms club organized this and we had a large turnout considering that it's all done in private homes... 14 couples.

The way it works is four families volunteer their houses. In this case everyone lives in the same neighborhood within walking distance of each other. The first house has a few teenagers to babysit for people who need babysitters (we took advantage of that and the girls had a blast). The second house hosts cocktails/appetizers, third house is salad and entree, fourth house is coffee and dessert. The people who are NOT hosting sign up to bring the food. It was actually very easy to organize and ran very smoothly... lots of fun! And not at my house ;-), so I brought manicotti... and made like a triple batch so I could take some and also freeze some for postpartum.

We had a very good time, but it seemed like all I talked about was this pregnancy, our birth plans, etc. Rather more than I wanted to, really. I also stood on my feet for most of that time, which this poor body is not used to.

Tuesday: Rising tension
So let me jinx myself. Today, I've been having lots of crampy contrax and lower back aching ever since about 7 pm. So far none of these really hurt, but more like a gentle, menstrual achiness. Definitely feeling prelabor-y. BUT, I also know that I can feel prelabor-y for a week or two or -- ugh -- three. I don't know if I can take weeks of this. I hope I go into labor soon or the crampy stuff stops altogether until it really is TIME.

Anyway, my hopes are so NOT up. Things are definitely gearing up though

Wednesday: Getting crabby
I don't think it will be today here, but I am starting to feel like it will be soon (soon meaning sometime in the next couple weeks ;-)... which is a huge improvement from a few days ago when I felt like I'd be pregnant forever, because I had NO feelings of impending birth).

Slept great last night... I didn't get too stressed out about the contrax. I'm still having them, but not in any kind of pattern and no real duration. Maybe there's some cervical ripening going on though :-). I didn't have anything strong enough to keep me awake or wake me up during the night or I would be a LOT crabbier. But when I did wake up to potty during the night and when I got up this am, I'm still having them periodically.

Baby is still high and I haven't lost any mucus plug or anything like that. 'm pretty much continuing with life as usual, except I have noticed that I'm entering into a state of mind where the world is narrowing down to me, me, me. I even want to be isolated from my own family, including my two precious girls. Work seems even more intense than usual right now. I think b/c the reality that I'm not going to be around much longer is starting to hit and people are trying to get every last bit of work out of me that they can before I'm gone for awhile. If only I were in the mood to do the work!

Tonight I had a midwives appointment. I didn't have an internal, so no idea what's going on there and just as happy not to know. While the baby still feels quite high in my ribs, s/he has actually descended a little, because my fundus is 2 cm lower than it was last week. Still lots of those intermittent crampy contractions that don't really go anywhere, but play a mindgame with you. Even when you know better.

I'm feeling ready, I'll tell you that much.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday: Improved outlook
Well, things have definitely quieted down here. Aside from some intense, but painless BHs, no other contractions for the past few days. I've been going to bed pretty early and sleeping a lot of hours total(off and on... wake up a LOT during the night). Despite the interrupted sleep, I wake up feeling refreshed. Makes me wonder if it was tiredness earlier this week making my uterus more busy or something.

I had such a fun surprise today! Some friends I know online surprised me with a baby shower in a box! The good old postal service delivered a giant box on Thursday with all kinds of neat stuff for ME (and a couple little things for baby, too :-)... a nursing nightgown, bath and body indulgences, gourmet snacks for postpartum... stuff like that. That totally made my day... reminded me that while these final weeks seem to drag, I'm in the homestretch and will soon be holding my baby. Weird how easy it is to lose sight of that in this stage of pregnancy.

Of course, my spirits are also much higher when I'm not tired or in any pain. I've been able to enjoy reading a book, getting some work done, etc. When I'm having contractions, it's so hard to work to take my mind off of them. That's something I need to practice in anticipation of early labor, I suppose. Still, when I feel normal, I can buckle down and time goes so much faster and being pregnant for another 2-4 weeks doesn't seem so horrendous. I guess I'm on the late pregnancy emotional rollercoaster ride.


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