A Natural, Multiple Birth With A Midwife

Lauren in Atlanta, Georgia knew from the beginning that she wanted to deliver her twins as naturally as possible. Read on to find out how she did it, and what this wonderful midwife-assisted multiple birth was like for her!
by Lauren

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Lauren's story
I have decided to write my birth story, because I hear so much negative experiences with delivering twins. I had a great experience all because of my midwife, and decided to share my story.

At my 3 month checkup, my midwife thought my uterus was a little big for how far along I was, so I was sent to get an ultrasound a week later. My sister went to my ultrasound appointment with me because my husband was out of town. As soon as the tech started the ultrasound we saw two heads. I was shocked -- twins don't run in my family and I wasn't on any fertility drugs. The next few months flew by in a blur of ultrasounds and prenatal appointments. I found out at 26 weeks that my twins were boy/girl. We chose the names Zo? Ryan and Liam Alexander. I had decided to continue seeing the midwife, since I was not having any complications and I still wanted a completely natural birth.

At 33 weeks I started having contractions and was placed in the hospital and pumped full of magnesium sulfate. My labor stopped, and a week later, I was allowed to go home and resume my normal activities (which is good, because I was pretty active). Over a series of ultrasounds during the next couple of weeks we were told that Zo?'s head was down on my cervix and was so low that the doctors couldn't even get a picture of her head.

At 6am on Wednesday, April 7th, I was getting my husband off to work when I had my first contraction. I had another five minutes later. My husband and I were scared, my contractions started at five minutes apart and by the time I called my midwife, Fay, at 6:30 they were two minutes apart. She told me to leave now and meet her at the hospital.

Gary and I met Fay at the hospital at about 7:15am and I was sent to triage to determine if I really was in labor. When Fay checked me I was already 5cm dilated and 90% effaced and Zo?'s head was at "0" station. They transferred me to the twins birthing room (it has two warmers) and I called my sister and my dad. About that time my contractions started to get further and further spaced apart. Fay suggested that I walked. I walked and walked for nearly 3 hours without any progress. Fay decided around 3pm that we should break my bags of water to see if that speeds things up. That didn't work like they had hoped so I stuffed a towel between my legs and started walking again.

Finally at about 5pm they decided to start Pitocin to get my contractions started again. Fay never left my side during this whole time. By 6:45pm the contractions were coming pretty strong and I was in some serious pain, I kept asking myself why did I want to do this naturally. The next couple of hours went by in a blur. At 10:40pm I started pushing and Zo? was born at 10:51pm and weighed in 5 pounds, 8 ounces and 18.5 inches long. At 10:57, just six minutes later, Liam was born, weighing in at 5 poounds and 10 ounces. He was 19.25 inches long. Both babies were born healthy, just small. Neither baby had a problem on the breast and were allowed to come home with me 36 hours later.

My babies are now 3 months and are teething (they seem to be doing everything early) and I look back and see how truly lucky I am to have had a great birth experience, to have no complications and to have perfectly healthy babies.PregnancyAndBaby.com

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