Here's An Easy Way To See How Fast Your Little One's Heart Is Beating

How fast is your baby's heart beating? Here's an easy-to-use beats per minute (BPM) counter to help you find out!
If you have a recording of your baby's heartbeat or have a Doppler or other listening device, you can find out how fast his or her little heart is going! (Click here to hear what the fetal heartbeat sounds like.)

Simply tap the red heart image below with every beat of your baby's heart. The top line on the table below will tell you the average BPM heartrate for the rhythm you're entering, and the second line will let you know what the rate would be if every beat was like the last one you entered. The third line shows you how many beats you have entered. Enter at least 20 beats to get a good average.

Average BPM
Per click BPM
# of beats timed
Click here to the counter.

Most babies average around 140 beats per minute, with a normal range being anywhere from 120 to 160 BPM. A normal resting heartrate for a woman is 75 to 85 BPM, however, during pregnancy, that will increase 10 to 15 percent. Still, there should be little confusion between your heartrate and your baby's. If you are concerned that your baby's heartrate is too slow or too fast, be sure to contact your caregiver.

And is it true that you can predict your baby's gender based on the fetal heartrate? Find out more about this theory here.)

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