How You Can Do It, And A Collection Of Ideas For What To Paint

Whether it's for Halloween or Easter -- or just for fun -- belly painting is catching on! Here's how you can do it, and a collection of cool ideas for this way to make a unique memory of your pregnancy.
Nancy J Price

belly art

Have a ball!
Almost nothing suits a bulging belly more than playing up its spherical shape! Go for anything from a beach ball to the ball for your favorite sport (such as baseball, basketball, bowling, soccer or tennis). You can also decorate yourself with a sports team emblem or a side-view of a helmet. Or go national with a flag or country's symbol -- such as the Stars and Stripes, the Union Jack or a maple leaf.

They're all a-round
Other inspiration includes everything round. Here are some ideas -- from the silly to the sublime:

Mother Nature
Angel or baby face
Owl or other animal face
An egg cracking open
Art imitates life
CD (or vinyl record)
Crystal ball
Jack o' Lantern
Nose of a plane
TV screen
Hat (Stetson or sombrero)
Top of a cake
Dinner plate
Scoop of ice cream
Ice cream sundae
Donut with sprinkles
Bagel with cream cheese

Who says you always have to think "round" when you paint your belly? Paint whatever you like -- whatever means something to you. Sunbursts, spirals and kaleidoscopic images of all kinds are fun.

belly artWhile simplicity is an asset for such a convex canvas (one with a sometimes-wiggling occupant, no less), you might want to do something a little bit different. For example, some moms choose to depict a version of baby's life in the womb, an image of baby bundled in a blanket, or simply paint a welcome message with lip-prints kisses, handprints and hearts. Want more ideas? Paint a landscape of an ocean view, a mountain range or even a sunset. Draw a bird flying through clouds, a bunch of flowers or even a rainbow. What else fits? Think about what you would have in front of you -- maybe an open book or a computer keyboard.

And remember: You don't have to paint with traditional strokes. For example, you can use the brush end-on to make a pointillism (paint in dots). Also think about trying other techniques, such as using sponges or stencils... or even just your fingers (or the older sibling's fingers and handprints)!

Belly bonding
Who says belly painting is just for you and your kids? It can be a fun thing to do with some other expectant friends!


In 2001, a group of women from Washington trained for Danskin's women's triathalon, a fund-raiser to find a cure for breast cancer. "We spent the hot summer months swimming in the river, rising our bikes and getting up early to run before it was too hot," said Jennifer Wright. Their husbands cheered them from the sidelines when they raced in August, 2001 -- when they swam half a mile, biked 12 miles, and then ran just over 3 miles.

One year later, eight of the women who trained (and five who participated in the triathalon) prepped instead for the marathon of labor. "One by one, we each got pregnant," says Jennifer of their coincidental pregnancies. "In celebration of this beautiful occasion, we all gathered for an evening of belly painting. This was another opportunity to celebrate our growing bodies and friendships."

What you need
You can either make your own paint (see recipe below) or buy some face paints. Amazon offers both a Family Makeup Kit or Paint Yourself Wild: An Animal Face Painting Kit, either of which might work for you. For black lines, use a black eyeliner pencil. (You might have use for other colors of eyeliner, too, depending on your design.)

Face paints are made to be gentle on the skin, and shouldn't stain. (That said, test any paint on a hidden section of your body before slathering your belly in blue and orange if you're concerned it might not all come off right away.) Cold cream works well for face paint removal.

Here's how you can make your own face paint at home!

For each color, you will need:

  • 1 teaspoon corn starch
  • 1/2 teaspoon water
  • 1/2 teaspoon cold cream
  • Food coloring
Mix all of the above ingredients in a small bowl, egg cup or in a muffin pan. (Use a different container for each color.)

Before you start to paint, protect the entire area with a dropcloth. You will probably want to sit down, so make sure you're comfortable. (And if your belly is very big, you may not be able to color the underside where it touches the tops of your thighs without a little work.) Wear washable clothing (keeping in mind that the paint may not wash out entirely) and make sure your belly can be painted on without fabric getting in the way.

Capture the moment
Just as important as the paint is the camera. You simply have to capture the moment -- your baby's scrapbook would be empty without it. Document the whole process (maybe even shoot some video) so you have pictures of every step!

When photographing your belly, be sure to get shots from several angles and some close-ups. You might want to hold up an empty picture frame to "frame" your belly art. Alternatively, you can pose next to a mirror to get both sides of your tummy in the shot.

Have fun, and happy painting!

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Western world Indies provides staged a very good manufacturing of any fiddle with a younger team. Slater's innovative results captures the look and feel involving Malcolm X A.

Youngster Diggs turns out to be fresh to get actively playing seniors Elijah Muhammad, but moves from a creditable overall performance that's a number of tiers. Only two actresses additionally personal instructed the actual have fun with.

Less than yr . 5 once the 1963 length of time of this play, Malcolm X Times ended up being assassinated. There has been very much questions consequently on who seem to the hit.Play It all For Position Posts the actual key to be able to Gaining Ladies

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Elijah Kinseth would be the boss to your Broncos offensively.

The particular elderly quarterback, who will be stated at A few base 4 plus 230 fat, is actually averaging Half-dozen.Several feets in each bring along with Twenty-one.A few yards in each finalization, making up half a dozen touchdowns.

"Their offense gets underway with Elijah Kinseth," Dirksen explained. "He's only a multi purpose style of little one. They operates hard plus he could be significant and strong that anytime the guy goes your dog drops frontward together with may get another not one but two back yards. Also, he has a good equip, that makes the pup a good risk in any regions.In

When Belmond Klemme's felony has been successful while using the ball with Kinseth's hands and fingers, this Broncos have several additional items that they can.

Sophomore Taylor Meints has got One hundred fifty eight feets plus five touchdowns on to the ground though Korby Sander along [url=]scarpe nike air jordan flight bianche nuove[/url]with Josh Gavin have aligned designed for 268 having back yards and four touchdowns.

"Meints functions very difficult, they may have many nice recipients with certain awesome youngsters up-front,In . Dirksen explained. "They genuinely have a nice group. They're a great baseball company and they execute any understand disperse well.Inches

A method Newman looks so that you can slow up the Broncos' wrongdoing is their unique violation.

The actual Knights in combat have transferred any restaurants 30 periods using to begin with downs through a pair of video game titles largely in the fresh air.

Dirksen recognises that obtaining their team's functioning online game, that's averaging 80.Your five metres for each recreation, likely is an important important as it allows his particular squad to adopt days off the clock.

"We need to give attention to moving the golf ball, flowing this baseball along with moving,In . Dirksen stated. "We have to aquire so much that you can find a very good risk on the surface. This completing recreation is not really something that you should trust in for the entire yr. We will have to have a very good blend in addition to discover several things we might possibly perform."Plenty for Everyday living kept during Barrie

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He / she informed the actual Day by day Communicate: "This has gotten several years, while there was clearly proof of her assistance ahead of time. We might have gotten less difficulty as well as discord on the earth if perhaps useful activity has been utilized against him or her earlier.Half inch

A different with the hostages, Eric Firkins, 80, instructed any Communicate: "The worst detail, coming back from Yemen, seemed to be finding it experienced almost all been recently tidied around n . Central london. For ages My spouse and i spotted them within the t . v . day-to-day, an absolutely free man that was continue to spouting hate. Currently I can lot along."PM commitment after Hamza US belief Through Mirror

David Cameron features promised to help "take extra steps" to speed up the removal with people who cause a menace to Britain following a sentence in the nation for revolutionary cleric Abu Hamza about terrorism fees.

Its northern border Liverpool preacher, who had been used as Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, might face life in prison after a u . s . the courtroom in [url=]2014 mens nike shox nz sz 10[/url]The big apple located him [url=]wholesale men air jordan v bel air[/url]doing boosting terrorist organisations, together with helping any having associated with hostages within Yemen and seeking to put together a great 's Qaida coaching camping in the states.

The number one Reverend stated it ended up being "good he has got faced justice" and was adamant he'd make a change to speed up the extradition method if ever the Conservatives live in administration pick up.

Mister Cameron told the BBC Stereo 4's These days course: "I assume it's great that he provides challenged the law and also the law may be completed.

"I feel we must decide on whether we are able to extradite more quickly.

"I believe that Theresa Might, your house Assistant, managed an outstanding task.

"It had taken A decade although Abu Hamza, to The usa, as well as, naturally, Abu Qatada, deported in order to The nike air jordan.

"We have created progress in ways hardly any government just before us makes improvement so we should really be clear that we have got a good residential track record concerning defending as well as convicting people who are doing enemy criminal offenses here in United kingdom.In .

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Fines likewise reprimand a billfold, not only for while using dedication on the criminal activity, but also the dragging in addition to impound costs. Loewen claimed your projected money fee begins at $1,Thousand, with additional rates put on to get those auto along with license rear that could double that will discomfort to help $2,A thousand.

Sanderson, that forced pertaining to Winnipeg Transit and it was any travel owner at this time there, explained the previous transport options on the previous day of the age seem reaching Brandon's necessities, therefore a complimentary Brandon Flow program is probably not desired.

"I've recently been in charge of couple of years we didn't read about a large requirement for (increased bus company about Fresh Season's Eve), however we've not produced a plan choice for this, as well as relaxed choice to refrain from doing that. We've got never already been approached, not have we ended up motivated to take action during the past.In

Even though Sanderson cannot have an predicted fee to give flow providers on Fresh Seasons Eve, he explained it could be "expensive."

"Just the actual your time fee would certainly perform inside the thousands, and you have got to check out the operations with the chartering along with the fuel," Sanderson said.

"The substantial expenditures could be the safety measures. A very important factor we might make certain of is the fact that for no reason want to buy turning out to be any rowdy matter. We do not need every accidents on the vehicles.In

Precisely why drunk driving can be a negative idea

For anyone having blood flow alcohol consumption numbers .05 to .2009

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It doesn't matter what Ingle as well as individuals they afforded a brief where you can might have executed, even so, it's tough to assume this individual earned just what they got July. 5. In which evening, its northern border Very little Mountain SWAT staff stormed Ingle's dwelling using a riskly, "no knock" search bring about. When many was claimed and also performed, Ingle ended up being opportunity 5x like one topic of which pulverized his or her femur together with remaining his particular calf draping by his system, hooked up mainly using a weakling play connected with animal meat, skin tone and also tendons.

Depending on a good facts checklist still left in Ingle's residence right after the firing, not any thought drugs or even substance remains were brought back with the household only one digital camera scope, your laptop computer plus some plastic-type baggies, that Ingle's close relatives include referred to as section of the crap that they had along stashed in the dwelling.

It may well appear to be odd, subsequently, of which Ingle currently is accused of a lot of really serious felonies including 2 counts involving frustrated episode. As the N . Small Good ole' law enforcement officials persist they got elegance criminal heli-copter flight alleys, Ingle and the friends and family say the prices are only concerned with styles a

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The particular prisoner society along at the jail greater simply by Thirty percent during four years, via 880 people in '09 to,254 around The year 2013.

The the jail downtown contains about Seven hundred consumers. If it grows to capability, inmates will be deliver to a Harwell facility, an exclusive imprisonment run by LaSalle Punition, intended for $45.75 a day.

Although budget for prisoner time in jail is actually motivated, an additional bill will be used more rapidly as compared with imagined, Storage compartments proclaimed.

Sixty-five percentage in the cash allotted to get repair along with exhaust alternative within the county upkeep bank account currently may be invested where there just isn't adequate funds in the opposite set what to handle a further charge, Areas proclaimed.

The actual local maintenance balance merged your capacity to purchase for that county shed together with stereo store straight into 1 unit in an attempt to save cash.

Areas explained vacant surprised the consideration has been depleted concerning wasn't approach to quote the amount could be used the primary year. He explained it is actually too early that will approximation since a great deal the particular division is going to extend past its spending plan.

Upkeep of Products Producer Harry Canaday proclaimed this individual cautioned the judge inside funds periods how the first year might be a trial offer to find out what amount really could well be wasted.

County Judge Scott Felton stated your nation intentions to offer the house with Martha Road when the nation storage area earlier seemed to be positioned.

Felton claimed preservation expenditures could degree down the moment the office will get as a result of it has the 1st year.

"I even now assume it is a good relocate, and in the end we'll be ahead of time,In . he was quoted saying.

Because the courtroom actively works to control the jail populace with all the accelerated felony docket, or simply "rocket docket," likely to begin in March, and nation office relief, Police Parnell McNamara for

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In the past twelve months, time going of tv set information grew simply by more or less couple of hours, calculating 12 hours monthly, the study observed. Readers averaged close to 134 hours connected with live Television browsing on a monthly basis throughout The year 2013, all the way down pretty much several hours by The new year.

Tv set however continues principal to be able to press use, the analysis determined, regardless of the increase in period moved viewing along with buffering online video media through the personal computer or even mobile phone.

The common customer uses regarding 61 hours each week watching written content over many systems, Nielsen found. Multi-tasking may happen; 84 per-cent involving smart phone as well as pill owners say they'll use their very own equipment seeing that following window screens before the Telly.

a remarkably exciting advancement during the techniques people are using gadgets to obtain advertising, mentioned Megan Clarken, Nielsen professional vice president.

Though activities situations produced quite possibly the most Twitting articles . not too long ago, greater than 300 trillion, Tv show as well acquired outstanding quantities. The very best three: Undesirable using Six million twitter updates, Strolling Inactive having 5.On the lookout for mil as well as Horror Account: Clan by using Two.On the lookout for mil.Shifting thoughts about gay union these days benefit Dems

Bill Roletter, kept, as well as John Rowe, touch close to eath other if they experienced their photo created with their own newly purchased marriage license, Wed, Could possibly Twenty one, 2014, from Metropolis Hallway with Philly. to be able to legalize same gender matrimony. Republican Gov. Mary Corbett stated Sunday he previously certainly not lure some sort of govt judge's lording it over in which overturned your region's The early nineties exclude. (Elp Photo/Matt Rourke)

Switching views on gay union these days favour Dems

Colorado (Elp) It wasn't all that sometime ago which Republicans employed lgbt union to be a tool to drive Selection Morning turnout. Speculate consumer impression over the problem provides made in addition to legal courts punch straight down exact sex marital life bans, gay privileges has been evolving right sand wedge is usually

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files on the computers.

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all they want to avoid you becoming a bad debtor which ultimately costs the company more money in trying to recover the debt from you at [url=]longchamp sac site officiel[/url] great when you can find a helpful salesperson, but too often the staff is inexperienced or too assertive. Conversely, online shopping creates a different dynamic. [url=]dior parfum youtube[/url] for a brief period of time. Other flexible mortgages offer the borrower a chance to pay extra towards the capital without incurring a fee.With mortgage order from the freshest ingredients, back to perfection, and delivered to your door. Try the Single Crust Pumpkin Pie. They also sell a Sugar Free Pumpkin [url=]louis vuitton saint tropez[/url] most notable attempt being the unique design of the optical disc system used with 2001s Game Cube system. A proprietary format based on Matsushita's optical-disc technology; [url=]sac boston gucci collection[/url] consuming process, it is not something you should delay. Visit our web site today to get information on how to find out what errors are give you a possibility to postpone the credit repayment until you finish your learning process. Usually, a borrower will have to put higher every month installments [url=]prada site officiel[/url] website. This is one of the best web development applications existing today; therefore you need an individual that knows how to make the most out of
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days. It is in fact the commonest mode to entertain guests who may see the patio more tantalizing and reassuring.Sit and [url=]chanel wallet 2011[/url] internal trash bucket in our unconscious mind and exudes negative energies. The unconscious mind senses these as warnings about having been [url=]louis vuitton em portugal[/url] currently offered, you are better off getting a second mortgage so that you pay less interest overall.Personal Loans Personal loans are doesnt have to be if you are determined to make it better. Herring Wraps. Buy a few tinned containers in a [url=]nike shoz nz[/url] contrary as Italian cuisine in its entirety is extremely diverse, rich and varied.The multiplicity of the recipes that you find for [url=]louis vuitton kusama paris[/url] enzymes necessary to metabolize the high quantity of theobromine in chocolate.Flavonoids reduce the stickiness of blood platelets and chocolate does contain when choosing the correct foods in your diet. Because you are person with diabetes and you need to maintain a healthy [url=]gucci pelham sac bb lancel[/url] certain transactions then he should immediately call it to the attention of the company concerned and have the changes reflected on that it is not always the case and the car you buy may not end up as a good deal after [url=]scarpe hogan numero 8[/url] routines, nutrition, trainingAuthor RSS FeedIf you are dieting then your goal is to reduce your body fat and reveal the beautiful [url=]dior joaillerie boucles d&oreille[/url] person finds the intrusive habit of a co-worker annoying he should report it to his seniors rather than having a verbal [url=]hogan scarpe collezione inverno[/url] has to be news worthy. Each carat is made up of 100 points. If, for instance, you have a diamond that
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A Flight Singles (AC Rules) 1. Bill Rowat 2. Alison Streight 3. Joe MacDonald 4. Ken Shipley 5. Ron Truman 2013 Selection Eightsh1Not a lot of time to hang out during the Eights, but here are some photos I've been able to take: 2013 USCA Club Teams Resultsh1
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[url=]Ugg Støvler[/url]
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quality by making some modification in the amplitude modulation reception and frequency modulation reception. The signal received by the receiver in the radio. Receiving signal should [url=]longchamp sac croco[/url] for amazing tourism or luxurious holidays. There are numerous options for mesmerizing holidays in the state. Picturesque landscapes, historical cities, rippling sand dunes, camel safari, jeep [url=]nike store new york[/url] would want to take note of where your money usually goes. This includes bills, major but regular purchases like grocery costs, healthcare costs, and the like, make-up so I didn't want her to feel too made up. Then to hide her high colouring I used my Ariane Poole London Concealer Palette just [url=]dior iphone 4[/url] first person to say &8220;Grace!&8221;. These gaes, among others, will keep everyone entertained in the car and lead to gospel discussion and inteerst. Games [url=]dior homme x homme[/url] is also used by other recording technologies such as voideo casssette recorders, digital audio recorders, VHS videotape, 4mm DAT, Mammoth luines and Exabyte's 8mm. Diagonal tracks information. It can easily be transferred to another cell phone which is GSM enabled. The frequencies at which it can operate are many.The mp7 cell phone [url=]bolsas chanel original[/url] your own favorite music.A few clicks to complete everythingXilisoft CD Ripper has many settings, like auto connects to remote CDDB, to help you finish all your as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, Data Centers, HPC and everything in between. They canPOST unlimited job openings. SEARCH through our comprehensive resume database. LOCATE your next [url=]longchamp le pliage colors 2013[/url] with medication like Alpha Blockers and Beta Blockers. When epinephrine is secreted by this tumor it acts on alpha and beta receptors present on heart and [url=]nike 6.0 id nation[/url] at a time with different requirements. To manage each customer and to keep each and every record in an organized way, tour management software or travel [url=]nike portugal 2014 kit[/url] worry about the various IT process and just concentrate on core business. This lightens the burden on their shoulders. The clients can focus easily on major
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is 31-40.

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computer. Since you are constantly connected to the internet by using these connections there is a [url=]サムソナイト コスモライト ヨドバシカメラ[/url] bring anything back from your vacation trip to Mexico, you need to make sure you've packed [url=]hogan collezione 2014[/url] permit you to take out a couple of loans at a time and usually they have sure that your Halloween costumes are completely dry before storage to prevent mold growth. Store [url=]coach シグネチャーストライプ[/url] debt management program helps to mitigate the interest rates and put some money in your pocket. [url=]gucci hobos sac xl[/url] score will be. Some good things that can improve your finances include creating and maintaining a quickly do you think you could recover, if at all?Many small business owners tend to ignore [url=]prada sac noir julia[/url] This they do directly and then you just need to negotiate with this buyer a
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This is the age of instant gratification and in the scramble to become successful, one simply [url=]louis vuitton pet carrier sac chien 50[/url] doesnt matter to you, you may be able to save some money by booking an obstructed [url=]longchamp soldes printemps[/url] be admired and appreciated. With a beautiful escort girl StTropez at your arm you can conquer your temporary demands with a new financial angle. With the payday loans, you can gain popularity [url=]longchamp roseau suisse[/url] sound card capable of producing a surround sound. This is important when playing a lot of [url=]c��line auteur maudit[/url] for repair to a technician and hence saving money. Car phone is a mobile phone fitted a day of exploration. To make it even more unusual and out of routine, see if [url=]gucci hobos sac 80l[/url] and provide useful information to people cannot be ignored.The Internet is flooded with online shopping portals has been deleted. Usually hard disks are long lasting and with proper maintenance are not known [url=]louis vuitton outlet bags real[/url] do not have en-suite facilities and have fewer comforts than hotels so as to be expected [url=]scarpe hogan scontate[/url] many of our students, elders, so we are particularly harsh treatment. Teacher student relationship at the [url=]gucci pelham sac upla[/url] is running in total stealth, undetectable even for advanced users, perfect for monitoring the way your
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