When Things Taste A Little Strange

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Mark Moore, MD

Your question:
I'm two months pregnant. Why do many of my favorite foods taste funny?

Dr Moore answers:
Pregnancy causes changes in almost every system in the body. Increased water retention dilutes the blood volume and causes edema of the cells. This, plus increased levels of estrogens and progesterones are thought to play a role in these changes, even in structures like the tastebuds -- the small but complex sensory organs of taste. The medical term: "dysguesia" meaning an altered sense of taste, accounts for this difference in perception.

Everyone will have their own preferences, but a heightened sense of bitter-taste early in pregnancy is often seen. Diet-soda, artificial sweeteners, even water can leave an aftertaste.

Much of our food is processed with ingredients that beforehand would have gone unnoticed.

Dysguesia is not to be confused with cravings that occur in pregnancy, commonly to foods like ice-cream, pickles or chocolate, or aversions which are new repulsions to previously liked foods. Sometimes a pregnant woman may sense a funny taste in their mouth even when not eating.

Again, different presentations with a related root cause -- elevated hormone levels and/or increased body edema and water retention. Some researchers feel a concomitant increase in the sense of smell may play a role. Others state that there is an evolutionary protection built into these changes: that is, they help a pregnant mother balance and replace needed nutrients in the body, such as sodium and calcium.

Suggestions for dealing with these changes include: alter your diet to accommodate these new likes and dislikes, start your meal with dry crackers to attenuate strong tastes and chew a flavored gum, sugarless mint or ice chips.

Spicy foods can sometimes help because of the numbing effect they can have.

Notwithstanding the above, the mother-to-be must navigate the dietary waters with care.

A balanced diet and maintenance of suggested weight guidelines are critical to a successful pregnancy and safe delivery.PregnancyAndBaby.com

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tabby September 20, 2014
My husband and i have been ttc all the tests are negative but almost everything taste like soil that i drink. Would a taste thing occur before a test even showed a positive?
Chocolate September 08, 2014
I'm now 14 weeks and I've noticed dark chocolate tastes minty (like an areo). Also spicy food for me from 6 weeks was twice as spicy (including pepper).
Sara July 25, 2014
I m 8 weeks pregnant and dont taste anything. Everything is bland. I keep putting alot of salt thinking there is no salt in food.
Wow really... May 23, 2013
Sweetie it doesn't work like that, your hcg levels need to be up pretty high, so no your food won't taste odd 5 days after conception.
Wait until you miss a period and take a beta test.
Keila February 16, 2013
how long after having sex can you notice your taste buds changing to know you are pregnant?